First Century Living

  • Cast Number: 10
  • Run-time: 60 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Acts

Theme:            There’s a Bible study going on and the group are looking into the book of Acts and the lives and lifestyles of first century Christians. A newcomer, Phil, isn’t buying into the entire idea but comes to a certain satisfaction within the drama.

Bible Reference:         Acts


Cast:                10, all but two could be m or f
Don – group leader
Sarah – Don’s wife
Phil – unconvinced
Norma – Don’s wife
Others: (m or f)

Set:                blank set made to look like living room with chairs and/or couches


Lighting, Sound,  Costumes:  standard


Props:            coffee cups, glasses,  cookies


Special Instructions:  
Suggest some music be added within the drama (at points which work best for the director). We recommend a choir be on a separate stage and the lights be dimmed on the acting stage when the songs are sung
Some suggestions (found in song books or on internet) or personal selections
He Lives
Because He Lives
Breathe On Me Breath Of God
There’s A Sweet Sweet Spirit In This Place
Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is
Spirit Of The Living God
Blessed Assurance
Trust And Obey


Time:             60


Sample of script:


Sarah and Don are moving chairs around tables, setting out cups


Don:                There, Sarah, I think that should be plenty of chairs for Bible study, don’t you?


Sarah:              Well Don, remember the Wilsons and the Johnsons are out of town so we will be down four.


Don:                This should be lots of room then.


Sarah, smiles:   I wouldn't be surprised if we had some new people show up. . . (giggles) . .  We have an awesome leader and people are coming from all over to hear his wisdom!


Don:                Very funny Sarah! . . I might be the leader but we have an awesome group who carry the discussion.


Sarah:              Oh Don! . .  I forgot to tell you. I met our new neighbors today.


Don:                You mean the new people in Henderson’s house?


Sarah:              Yes, Phil and Norma Kyle.


Don:                Good to hear Sarah. . .  Nice people?


Sarah:              Well . .  Norma seems very nice. . . She works at CHEK television.


Don:                And Phil?


Sarah:              Phil . . .  Actually I’m not too sure . . . Interesting guy.


Don:                What does he do?


Sarah:              Actually I asked him that. .. . . He said he was a fresh air inspector.


Don, confused: Fresh air inspector? . . . EPA employee?


Sarah:              That’s what I thought at first . . .  But apparently fresh air inspector means someone unemployed.


Don:                How do you figure that?


Sarah:              Well, as Phil explained it . . . (deep gruff voice) . .  when a guy is between jobs a guy gets to go walkin’ around in the fresh air, communin’ with nature!


Don, eyebrows raised:             
Okayyyyyyy! . . . Well I guess I’ll get to check him out myself sooner or later.


Sarah:              Actually sooner than later.


Don:                How so?


Sarah:              Actually the Kyles, (checks watch), will be here any minute.


Don:                You invited them here?


Sarah:              You know . . . I am not exactly sure how it happened . . ! . . It just . . . happened.


Don:                Well . .  I guess that . . .


knock on the door/door bell


Sarah crosses to far side stage, opens door, Norma and Phil enter


Sarah:              Hi Norma, Phil, come in. . .  (points to Don) . . .  This is my husband Don.


Don, shakes hands:     
Norma, Phil, welcome to the neighborhood.


Phil:                 Good knowin’ you Doug!


Don:                Don. . .  My name actually is Don.


Phil:                 Right on Doug. . . . I hear youse have a job.


Don:                Yes I do have a job. . . God has blessed me with a good job at United Securities.


Phil:                 I tried the job thingie a few times. . . Didn’t find that much fulfillment.


Sarah:              Well it sometimes does take time to find the right job for you.


Norma:            Phil was real good at his last job . . . was there almost a week. . . .  But it didn’t last.


Phil:                 Man’s gotta feel his way through life, and what’s not right’s not right. . . . And right is might. . .That’s Biblical you know. . . (looks around) . . . You should know that, youse bein’ a preacher guy Doug.


Don:                Don . . . My name’s Don.


Phil:                 So whatcha preachin’ on tonight Doug?


Don, getting annoyed:
My name is Don, . . . I am not a preacher, . . . and this isn’t a sermon, it’s a Bible study.


Phil:                 Yeh, I understand what you’re sayin’ Doug.


knock on the door/doorbell Rhonda, Kim, Sandy, Joe, Jean & Sydney enter stage

chatter of everyone saying hi, welcoming each other, general chatter


Sarah:              Hi everyone, good to see all of you.


Don:                Welcome to our home and to our small group Bible study.
If you haven’t done so already please help yourself to coffee or juice, and also cookies made by my lovely and talented wife Sarah.


Phil:                 Not chocolate chip cookies by any chance are they?
(holds his stomach with both hands)
I got this sensitive stomach and youse just don’t wanna know what chocolate chip cookies do to my system . . I mean, why I just . . .


Norma, embarrassed
Phil has a restless stomach and . . .


Phil:                 Suffice to say, . .  chocolate chip cookies make me just . .


Sarah, quickly: They aren’t chocolate chip cookies at all . . They are . . .


Phil:                 That’s all good then, pretty near anything else I can handle, it’s just chocolate chip cookies that make me . . .


Don:                Well that’s good Phil, why don’t you go and help yourself to coffee and a cookie.


Phil:                 That’s mighty nice of you Doug . . .


Don:                Don! . .  My name is Don!


Phil:                 Yeh well, now youse mention it Doug I believe I will go take 2 or 3 cookies. My sweetie Norma here just got off work, never had time to scare up supper. . .


Sarah:              I am sorry, I will go make you guys a sandwich. . .


Phil:                 No need to go to all that trouble Sarah, I’ll just grab a couple cookies . .  (picks up a handful & examines) . . . sure there’s no chocolate chips hid in these? I mean if I get so much as a taste of chocolate chips I’ll just . .


 Sarah, quickly:            None! . . No chocolate chips!


Phil:                 Good then. . . Norma sweetie, why don’t youse just go get yourself some cookies, maybe bring an extra one or two for me . . I just gotta tell youse Doug these here cookies like to save my life, I’m that hungry, no supper and all!


Norma embarrassed, takes 2 cookies


Phil, shock:      As you can . .  see . .  we have first time guests with us tonight.
(indicates Phil and Norma)
Phil and Norma Kyle have just moved into the Henderson house down the block.
(each person says “hi” “nice to meet you” etc. as their name is spoken)
That is Rhonda.
And last but not least Sydney.
(add more names as required)
Welcome Phil and Norma, you will get to know these fine people over the course of the evening, and, we hope, in future small group sessions.


Phil:                 Hey that’s mighty kind of youse Doug. . .  me and Norma, we look forward to. . . sharin’ from the heart. . . I believe that's what youse churchey guys call speakin’ out.


Don in shock:   We will all, I am sure, look forward to the . . . speaking out.
Now then . . . Sandy . . . would you lead us in an opening word of prayer.


Sandy:             Bow with me please.


 all except Phil bow heads, Phil lowers head, sneaks looks around at others


Sandy:             Father God we just come to you now, our hearts open to what you can teach us from your word. We just know that you want to instruct us in things we, as your flock, should know. Build us up oh Lord and fill us with your blessings and grace.


Sandy pauses, everyone starts to lift heads but Sandy continues on with more fervour, others quickly bow again


Sandy:             Fill your servant Don with the power of your Holy Spirit, make him an instrument of your word, oh Lord. Make us all open vessels that your word might enter us and dwell within us.


Sandy pauses, everyone starts to lift heads but Sandy continues on with more fervour, others quickly bow again


Sandy:             Tonight, Lord, we just think of all your people, here and around the world, those who have never heard the blessed name of Jesus. Build up your people to create an army of Christian soldiers to go forth to all corners of the world, preaching and teaching in your name, oh God. As you said in your word, truly the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few Lord. Build us up to minister in your name Jesus.


Sandy pauses, everyone starts to lift heads but Sandy continues on with more fervour, others quickly bow again


Sandy:             Let us not forget the strife that is so rampant throughout the world Lord. Country against country, family against family, brother against brother. Oh Lord, show us the error of our ways, come into our hearts, fill us with your love.


Don quickly cuts in


Don:                For we ask all this in your name, Lord. Amen.
Thanks you Sandy for leading us in that . .  very far reaching and beautiful prayer.


Phil:                 Yep, prayer was for sure good . .  but I thought Don wanted a word of prayer and here youse like kinda brought out the full dictionary.


Don, stern:       Phil, in our times together we never criticize another member.


Phil:                 No, no, no! . . .  I wasn’t speakin’ out against Sandy’s prayin’.  Fact is I never heard a prayer like that, was awesome. Maybe when you get a minute Sandy you could give me a copy of that prayer so’s I can use it and know what to say to God and all.


Sandy:             I don’t have any copy of my prayer, it’s just like a prayer and I am like . . talking to God.


Phil:                 But how do you like, remember what to say?


Don:                Phil, talking to God is no different from talking to a friend. You just say what you want to tell God, what you want God to know.


Phil:                 I for sure could never do that. . .  I’d for sure just get all nervous and my teeth would get locked together.


Sarah, laugh:   Doesn’t sound or look like your teeth are getting locked at the moment.


Phil:                 No they ain’t but, no offense meant, goin’ talkin’ to youse guys, youse guys are OK guys but youse ain’t God neither!


Sandy:             No we for sure aren’t Phil. . . . I would be happy to give you some prayer suggestions though.


Phil:                 I maybe get back to you on that, K?


Sandy:             Of course.


Don:                As most of you know we are studying the book of Acts.


Sydney:           I thought I knew the Bible really well, but studying Acts in depth is giving me a new perspective on the early church and on the apostles.


Phil:                 Maybe somebody can straighten me out . . . Apostles and epistles . . . Which one of them is women?


Sarah:              Women?


Phil:                 Yah, I think it’s the apostles that are men and the epistles are women . .  but I’m not sure.


Sarah:              No actually the apostles were the closest followers of Jesus and were the main people who spread the message of Jesus Christ after Jesus left the earth.


Rhonda:           Yes and epistles are letters sent by some of the apostles to the churches they had established throughout the area. The letters were full of instructions on how Christians should act and how a Christian church should be run.


Sarah:              Well since the early churches faced a lot of persecution the epistles were also used to encourage the people in those churches.

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