The Source Of Life

  • Cast Number: 16
  • Run-time: 35 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Genesis 1

Theme:            This Christian drama script searches the source of life, and whether that be evolution or creation. Were we and all matters created by some unknown and unexplained accidental happening and further refined by random, unplanned forces unknown or were all things, humans included, created by God?
This drama centers on a teacher who was required by the education system to teach evolution even though this wasn’t the teacher’s personal belief.


Bible Reference:          Genesis 1


Cast:                16 (m or f) Some roles could be consolidated
College group: (professor is middle age all others early college age)
Professor Winston , Young Stan Avery, Adam, Stacy, Ron, Alex, Bev, Cory, Danny, Gale
High School group: (Old Avery (now a teacher) is 30-40’s, others mid teens-ish)
Old Stan Avery, Tracy, Taylor, Bobby, Reggie, Morgan, Mel


Set:                  dual set: High School set is open, College set is (preferably scrim) able to be isolated


Sound:             standard


Costumes:       High School group current day clothing, College group reflects a time 2 decades previous


Props:              book


Time:              35


Sample of script:


Adam, Stacy, Ron, Alex, Bev, Cory, Danny and Gale are walking onstage, talking


Adam:             OK guys, deep breath, it’s EL time.


Gale:                EL time?


Stacy:              Evolution Lecture time. . . I take it you are new to Honest Ave’s class. . . . I didn’t catch your name.


Gale:                Yes I am new to the class. . . My name’s Gale . . . And who is Honest Abe?


Stacy:              Hi Gale, I am Stacy . . . And it’s Honest Ave, not Honest Abe. . .  It’s is the name we call our illustrious professor . ..  behind his back of course. His name is Stan Avery, thus Honest Ave.


Adam:             And I am Adam. . .  Seems like every other sentence from Prof Avery starts off with . . . “I have to be honest with you.” . . . So we call him Honest Ave.


Ron:                Kinda like, you know, Honest Abe, but with a local twist. . .  And I am Ron.


Alex:               Alex here Gale. Honest Ave isn’t so bad, a good teacher in his own way, but every lecture is set up to push his pet subject . . . evolution.


Bev:                 I am OK with that actually; evolution has been proven so what’s the biggie?


Cory:               Proven by who Bev?  . . And where is the proof?


Bev:                 Come on Cory, you and your religious friend Danny here have this lame story about . .  “in seven days God created.”


Danny:            In six days actually Bev. . . If you will remember on the seventh day God rested.


Bev:                 Whatever Danny.


Adam:             Here comes Honest Ave now, let’s look like we are interested.


Avery enters through the door


Old Avery:      Good afternoon students, welcome to a new semester, I have to be honest with you . . 


all class tries to keep a straight face


Old Avery:      I am excited and looking forward to the time we will spend together, exploring The Source Of Life.


lights off, a tight spot on Avery while other actors freeze


Old Avery:      Honest? . . . If I was honest I would admit I hate being a teacher, teaching things some overpaid expert two hundred miles away says we have to teach.
Funny . . . back when I started college I was so excited about the idea of being a teacher. But once I got into teacher training I found out that there were certain expectations . . and guidelines.


lights down on school set

lights up on scrim set

Young Avery, Tracy. Taylor, Bobby, Reggie, Morgan and Mel are seated

Professor Winston is standing in front, speaking


Winston:          Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your first day at the College of Education.
I am Professor Winston and I will be your resource person throughout your time here at the college.
The occupation as an educator is perhaps the most noble of all pursuits, a career in which you should, and will, have the greatest single impact on forming the thinking and belief system of the next generation.
Education is truly an intricate and diverse profession. Therefore, strict and stringent parameters of acceptable content and delivery must be established, and adhered to.
To do otherwise is to have divergent thinking within the classroom and among society as a whole.


Bobby:            Excuse me Professor Winston, I am Bobby. Isn't it society’s goal to foster new, independent and innovative thinking in young people?


Winston:          A very good point Bobby . . . but the answer to that would depend on the subject matter at hand. Questioning and following new paths is admirable but society does not benefit from tilting at windmills either.


Bobby:            Tilting at windmills sir? I am afraid I don’t understand.


Winston:          Oh my, you people are young, aren’t you? . . . It’s a metaphoric illustration alluding to a character, Don Quixote, in a book written back in the 1600’s. Quixote sought out windmills, lance at the ready, believing the windmills were evil giants. . . . And, likewise, too often the younger generation goes off fighting battles that are dead and forgotten.


Reggie:            In a different time with different armies the battle and the outcome may be very different.


Winston:          Don’t forget that I am the general in this army. Foot soldiers need to be very careful not to come across as leading the way.


Morgan:          Is there to be no individualism in teaching?


Winston:          If you want individualism then perhaps you should start your own school system.


Mel:                 No opportunity for unique technique or . . .


Winston:          I think we have heard enough from you first day professionals!

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