Missions Local

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 24:14
Mission fields may be half way around the world, (which is scary), or perhaps next door, (now that’s maybe even more scary), or even where you work, (now that’s just plain flat out bloodcurdling terrifying!) This comedy speaks of the workplace mission field and how important that is. Easily staged, no set, props or special effects.

Sample of script:

Martha and Jim walk on stage, talking

Jim: So the short guy says, “Maybe next time better get bigger worms to use for bait!”

Jim laughs uproariously, Martha looks at Jim very confused

Jim: Ya get it? . . . Isn’t that a knee-slapper joke?

Martha, very confused, but trying to humor Jim, shakes head negative, says: Yeaaaaahhh, Jim, . . . . right . . . a real . . . knee-slapper . . right.

Jim: Just no . . . . body tells a joke like ol’ Jimbo here does, I tell ya!

Martha: I do have to say Jim, that everyone who knows you would agree that you do tell jokes different from normal folks alright. For a fact.

Jim: Hey, Martha, quit talkin’ ol’ Jimbo up, will ya? Next thing ya know ol’ Jimbo’s gonna have one swelled head, with all the compliments about my superior joke tellin’ and all!

Martha: I can guarantee you Jim, you won’t live long enough to get compliments about the way you tell jokes.

Jim: Aww, shucks, just so nice to hear that you like my jokes and . . .

Helen rushes on stage, interrupting the other two

Helen: Oh there you guys are, I have been looking for you . . .

Jim: See, what’d I say, here comes Helen, lookin’ to hear my joke about the fisherman and the . . .

Helen, interrupting: Pastor Gary, he wants all of us to sign up for a new missions project . .

Jim, very excited: Yahoooooo! Another missions project! Well, Helen, old buckaroo, ya’all just turn around go tell that tall ol’ preachin’ man, Pastor Gary fer to count ol’ Jimbo in, yessireee! Now then, where we goin’ this trip? Betcha I know, back to I-ran, huh?

Helen: No, this year we are going to . . .

Jim: I got it, back to Mexico, well I tell ya that . . .

Helen: Nope, not Mexico either, we are going to . . . .

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