Apostle to Africa

  • Cast Number: 10
  • Run-time: 30 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 28:16
Dr. Livingstone on trial, faith, courage, missions, missionary

Sample of script:

Clerk: All rise. May the court come to order? Fifth District Court, Judge Benjamin Bryant presiding. You may be seated. It is the case of History versus David Livingstone.

Judge: Who will represent the defendant?

Defence: Counsel Barrington, sir, I will be pleased to represent my client. And may I open by asking that all charges against my client be quashed, your Honor?

Prosecutor: I object your Honor! The charges stand. The defendant is clearly guilty of crimes against both his own and his adopted countries, and guilty of crimes against humanity itself.

Judge: Will you two leave your wrangling and posturing aside at least until the case is officially underway. Now then, counsel for the defense, I see no rationale for quashing the charges, the trial will begin. Dr. Livingstone, I presume? I must say, I always wanted to say that.Livingstone: I can think of no reason why. Never did Stanley actually utter those words, they were manufactured by over zealous media types.

Judge: So you say. Regardless, let us move on. Prosecutor, state the charges you will bring against the defendant.

Prosecutor: Improperly conducting your duties as an official of the Court of England.

Livingstone: I beg your pardon, in March 1858 I was officially appointed Her Majesty’s Consul for the East Coast of Africa.

Prosecutor: True, and in 1864 you were ordered home by a British government disappointed by the results of your explorations.

Livingstone: They did not understand! They looked simply at the results of finding the source of the Nile, they relegated to unimportant the knowledge we were gaining of the greater African continent and, more than all else, the fact that our primary reason for existence was in spreading the knowledge of the salvation of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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