The Billboard

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Habakkuk 2.2
Running with a vision, to preach, teach, God's word. A comedy that has Billie Bob introducing his project called HUSH that no one knows what it's all about. BB says it has a message that needs to be projected world wide but still keeps it a secret.

Cast: (all may be male or female)

Billy Bob – middle age or older, gruff, to the point
Albert – Billy Bob’s assistant, a little too helpful and nice to Billy Bob
3 or more in the crowd.
The finance person should be a little “spinny”

Sample of script:

Billy Bob comes on stage with aide, Albert, where there are any number of employees waiting, they ask questions through Billy Bob’s presentation.

Albert: Good morning. Thanks for coming out for this early morning marketing meeting. As you are aware, our CEO Billy Bob Brentworth, has been burning the candle at both ends, setting out plans for launching our new product line, which up until now has been known only by the code name “HUSH”. Well, as Billy Bob will be telling you, HUSH won’t be “hushed” any longer! And, so, with no further ado, let’s put our hands together to welcome our leader, Mr. Billy Bob Brentworth!

Everyone applauds loudly

Billy Bob: Right you are, Albert. OK, guys, listen up! Ya’ll have been waitin’ for my new product launch. Well, I’m here an’ I’m launchin’, flat out! This here new product, HUSH, biggest thing I ever did come up with! This here’s somethin’ every man woman and kid’s gonna want to get all the dope on!

Person #1: I’m surprised that you are talking about getting the word out on this new product when we still haven’t given the product a name, other than “HUSH”, and that’s sure no name to fly with!

Billy Bob: And that’s what makes Billy Bob Brentworth different from all the other guys! Most guys, they worry about catchy little names, jingos, that sorta thing. Don’t git me wrong, things like that, they got their place. But, first, figger out how you’re gonna git the message out! That there’s number 1, hear me? I’m gonna git a buncha guys goin’ on the name, ‘n stuff; they’ll git back to me in their own good time. But first, getting’ out the message, so’s it kin be seen, so’s it kin be listened to! That’s numero uno!

Person #2: I see your point, BB, but have you done any thinking about the color scheme for HUSH? Or packaging?

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