The Messiah of the Manger

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke
Could the messiah be born in a manger? . . An absurd idea! . . Isn’t it?

Sample of script:


You have no idea what I just heard!
I met a group of shepherds, running all over Bethlehem, shouting out the strangest message I ever did hear!
“The Messiah has come!”
The Messiah, the long awaited Prince of Peace!
Born in a . . (incredulous) . . manger?
The long awaited Messiah, he who would rescue us from our enemies.
A child?
The Messiah?
A child?
In a manger?
Israel has waited centuries, has believed the prophesies as told to us by our forefather Isaiah.
What a cruel, heartless joke, to think that anyone could imagine our people waiting, hoping, praying all these centuries only to be told the Mighty Messiah was a . . . child.
I will not, I can not believe that!
The very idea!
“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!
”Meet the Messiah of the Manger!”
Not too likely!
How can we remain hopeful, anticipating release from oppression, if reality is that what we have is the Messiah of the Manger?
The Messiah of the Manger!
(watches off stage, thinking)
Look at all of them, over there! Running about, excited, welcoming the Infant King.
It can’t be, I mean . . . can it?
I mean, our hopes, what does this do to our hopes?
(thinks, agitated)
I must remember exactly what the prophesies said . . . .
I know that it was said that Bethlehem, this little town, would bring forth a king . . . but surely . . .

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