Watch Out For Broken Sticks in Life

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 23

Just as a shepherd watches and listens for the snap of a broken twig which could signal trouble and danger approaching, so must we be vigilant of the danger signals in our lives.
A monologue or story

Message:         Just as a shepherd watches and listens for the snap of a broken twig which could signal trouble and danger approaching, so must we be vigilant of the danger signals in our lives.
A Monologue or story


Bible References:      
Psalm 23
Psalm 95:7
Isaiah 40:11
John 10:14

Cast:               1
Monologue or story


Time:              7




Tommy was a shepherd boy, he looked after the sheep. Tommy loved the sheep. They were fluffy and soft and fun to play with. The sheep needed him because they will little, and had many big and scary enemies.  Enemies such as those awful wolves, with the big, sharp teeth, teeth which with one bite could badly hurt, or even kill those little sheep.  See sheep are cute and cuddly and soft.  But sheep can’t protect themselves from wolves.  And that’s why the sheep needed Tommy, they depended on Tommy’s help and protection. Without Tommy’s help the sheep would not be able to eat and sleep safely or even go to get a drink of water from the brook.

And wolves weren’t the only enemies that the sheep had.  There were lions, cougars, wild dogs and other animals.  And there were also bad people who would sometimes come and try to steal the sheep.  There were just so many dangers facing those poor helpless sheep!

What did it mean that the sheep had no protection from danger?  Well, even though Tommy was just a little boy, he knew that when he was with the sheep he had to always be on guard and listen for sounds of danger.  This was so that he could protect both himself and the sheep. When it was dark the sheep were all gathered close together. Tommy had to make sure none of the sheep strayed, because a stray sheep off by itself would be in grave danger.

Sometimes Tommy just sensed that there was danger.  And the sheep sensed it too, being a little unsettled.  But the sheep trusted Tommy, and they just knew Tommy would look after them.  Tonight was one of those nights when Tommy would not sleep; he would sit by the fire and sing songs to God, and listen carefully for noises that might tell him something was wrong. It was very late and poor Tommy was very tired, but Tommy knew he must not fall asleep.  So Tommy stood up and jumped up and down to wake up.

When Tommy sat down again he just somehow knew that something was wrong, but he could not tell what it was. Then, all of a sudden, he heard . .  it!  It was . . . the sound of    . . .  a stick, a twig, breaking.  It was out there, way out in the darkness.  Tommy couldn’t see anything, yet he knew there was something, . . . or someone, . . . out there!

There it was again!  It snapped like someone or something had stepped on it.  What could it be? . . .   All Tommy knew is that he was the only person there.  So this meant that the enemy was near by!  It was a warning signal to Tommy.

Tommy knew he needed something to protect himself and his sheep.  But Tommy's hands were empty. He had no defense. So quickly he grabbed his staff.  Now he felt better!  No one had better come near when Tommy had his trusty staff in hand!

Carefully Tommy went to check on the sheep. Tommy peered out into the darkness. . . . . There it was, off to the left, in the shadows!  A wolf was sneaking up on the sheep.  A wolf, planning to kill one of Tommy’s sheep!  The wolf's eyes glowed in the darkness of the night. His teeth were white and sharp ready to bite and tear anything that got in his way. When the wolf saw Tommy he began to growl and snarl. But Tommy was not afraid.  After all, Tommy had his staff!  But more than this Tommy knew who to call on. Tommy called on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Tommy, staff held high above his head, ran toward the wolf saying, “You have no right to be here!  In the name of Jesus I command you to leave.”  

Tommy was almost close enough to touch the wolf, and Tommy, unafraid, stared into the wolf’s hate-filled eyes.  The wolf was no match for Tommy’s bravery, and slowly the wolf began to back up, away from the sheep.  But before the wolf ran away it growled a threat; “I will be back!,” said the wolf.

“Good,” said Tommy, “I will watch and I will pray, and I will be ready for you!”

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