Under The Wings

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 17 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 91:4

A group of women discuss, (with some humor), the concept of being under the protection, the wings, of God in daily life.
Drama ends with a kind of gentle human video using Lenny Leblanc’s “Under The Shadow” song.

Bible Reference: Psalm 91:4

Cast: 5 (likely women)
4 of the women are Christians, Tamara is a non-believer

Set: none

Lighting: spotlights would help

Sound: as available

Costumes: regular clothing

Props: none

Song: Under The Shadow by Lenny Leblanc  is optional but strongly suggested http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV5o4XUSCMI
Ghostbusters song is available online

Time: 17 (with song)


Danielle, Faye, Sarah and Thelma come on stage, chatting, Thelma trips, almost falls

Thelma: Hey! . . .  Whoa! . .  What tripped me?

Danielle: You tripped over your two left feet is what girl.

Thelma, self-conscious:
No way, it was something on the floor and I . .

Faye, looks on the floor:
Yeh, I see it, there it is . . .

Danielle: What are you talking about Faye, nothing there.

Sarah: Nothing I can see.

Faye: Can’t figure out how y’alls can’t see it . .

Danielle: OK Faye, you know full well there’s not one thing on the floor Thelma could have tripped on!

Faye: You ladies are soooooo blind! . .  Anyone can see that rug monster lurking right over there! (points at area where they came onstage)

Danielle and Sarah look at Faye in shock

Danielle: What are you talkin’ about rug monster?

Sarah: You been out in the sun too much girl!

Faye: Rug monsters! . . . Hiding in your carpet, some even live in your hardwood flooring. . . Hiding . . .  Ready to pounce on you when you least expect it. . .

Faye takes on fiendish character, stalking the others, evil look

Thelma: I for a fact see them all the time.

Sarah: You two need help!

Faye: What we need is . .  (fiendish) . .  protection . . .from the rug monster!

Faye and Thelma take on fiendish characters, circle the other two women

Danielle, laughing:
You two need protection against the guys in the long white coats who will come and haul you away to the happy farm.

Thelma, fiendish:
Will you  . .  . protect me . . . Danielle?

Danielle, smile:
Will more likely give your address and phone number to the guys in the long white coats.

Faye, fake deep emotion:
Who will protect my friend Thelma?

Thelma, fakes emotion:
Oh woe is me!

Sarah: Oh brother! . . .

Thelma and Faye sing to tune of “GhostBusters”

When you’re all alone
In the middle of the night
Who you gonna call?

Danielle. to Sarah:
Who are these people?

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