Suddenly Came The Morning

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 7:1-29

Theme:            The daughter of the Syrophenician woman tries to explain the agony of being demon possessed.
A short monologue useful for understanding depression, chronic pain management or other issues.

Bible Reference:         Luke 7:1-29


Cast:                1, likely female


Set, Lighting, Sound: standard


Costumes:     as is appropriate


Special Instructions:   Use slow, deliberate speech.
Actor shows strong emotion at the outset, then settles into a more positive and serene attitude toward the end of the piece.


Time:             4 (with slow moement and speech)


Sample of script:           


actor comes on stage


You have no idea . .  the torment!

To be constantly hearing those . .  sounds, . . those noises . . .  those . . voices!

holds hands over ears

To see flashing lights of hideous colors.

shades eyes

That there be those happenings is nothing . .

For certainly anyone can cope with occasional distress.

But . . .

Don’t you realize . .?

This . .  never . . . stops!

It . . never . .  stops!


Morning, noon or night!

Sometimes I wish the noises would get even louder, for such a change would be a diversion, . . a relief to the constant tedium.

Will this never end?

There seems to be no hope.

Yes, it’s true; sometimes I see, dimly, a faint light at the end of this tunnel of darkness.

But mostly . . . I can’t even hope to see a light . . for I can’t even see a tunnel.

My constant companions, these demons who are with me, . . .  a part of all I do.

They are with me from the moment I awaken.

Their presence so real, so oppressing that I can scarcely lift my head from the pillow, . . as though a thousand chains bind my head in bondage.

Arms and legs that feel like solid rock, resisting even my slightest movement.

In front of me I see, as though in a trance, my family, my friends, . . I see their mouths move, I assume they are speaking but the only sounds I hear are the laughing of ridiculous hyenas, that and the screeching of millions of high pitched crickets.

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