God does not call the equipped
He equips the called!


Training is perhaps the most overlooked area in Christian drama.

We seem to believe that all we need to do is select a script, recruit "artistic" or experienced people, hand out scripts for memorization, give on-going directorial input . . . and we have a winner.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Training starts with you . .  the organizer/director.

Did you start with a timeline? . . .  In other words, assuming you know when you are going to perform the piece . . . do you know the critical dates? . .  when do you settle on the script? . . when do you need to have the cast set? . . when do you schedule training? . . do you know what training is required? . . are you capable of providing this training? . . .

DramaShare can help you create a timeline.

Now then . .  as to training . . . there are DramaShare workshops . . . DramaShare manuals . .  . and don't forget we are always available by email or toll-free phone.

Training. . . The beginning step in God-honoring Christian drama, and the on-going priority.

DramaShare has the tools for a successful drama ministry and you will succeed, regardless if you have NO previous training or experience.

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