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The DramaTech Manual Vol 2.0 has been rewritten and expanded to 200 pages, with over 200 illustrations and drawings. This easy-to-read manual now includes information on sound, lighting, set design, painting, building flats, backdrops, props use of special effects.
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Manual is downloaded from our website saving you time and money

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God’s Commitment To Salvation

Theme:       Angels revisit God’s decision to send his only Son to earth, a decision resulting in Jesus’ birth in a nondescript barn, a life limited by human restrictions, requiring God watch His Son die on the cross, but rejoicing with the resurrection. God was prepared to pay that awful cost to provide salvation for all humanity. This drama begins with the heavenly decision, through the birth and on through the crucifixion and resurrection. Appropriate for Christmas, Easter or for any season.


Bible Reference:      John 3:/p>


Cast:         22+ roles (many can be doubled up)
VOG (offstage voice of God)
Angels: Brad, Michael, Gabriel, Angel2, Angel3 (5)
Lucifer, angel
Innkeeper’s Wife
Shepherds (4+)
Wisemen (3)
Thief1 & Thief2 (2)
Crowd (number ?)


Set:          Two separate acting locations separated by lighting or where possible have Location 2 being a scrim set, particularly useful for:
Scene 8 – Hill of Calvary (with 3 crosses)
Scene 9 – Tomb (very rudimentary)
For set design see DramaTech Manual & Practical Assistance (for members)
For more information contact DramaShare


Optional Suggested Songs:   (or use any number of songs which you choose, at any point)
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord (American Spiritual)
Christ the Lord is Risen Today by Charles Wesley
One Drop of Blood by Ray Boltz
Does He Still Feel The Nails by Ray Boltz

SFX:        lightning and thunder, sound of gentle wind


Costumes:    white angel robe for Brad, black clothing for Lucifer, long white robe for Jesus (after crucifixion) with single ornate cord, loincloth or more for the cross scene, centurion costume


Props:        crown of thorns, Book of Life, camera for Brad


Time:        45 (without songs)


Sample of script:


Scene 1


Brad wanders on stage wearing a white choir robe, acting like a tourist, looking around at everything in amazement and awe, snapping pictures.


Brad:        Wowwww!  I knew heaven would be some awesome place but this is, like, . . . wowwwww!


Brad thinks, feels his shoulders, back, thinks, frowns, suddenly gets an idea, runs a couple of steps and jumps, falls to the floor, gets up, very disappointed


After a short time of playing this, Michael comes on stage


Michael:      Sorry to keep you waiting, I was busy with . . . .  (watches Brad hopping around)  . .  . Mind if I ask what you are doing?


Brad:        Well, there must be a mistake somewhere.  I can’t fly!


Michael:      You can’t fly? 


Brad:        Nope, see when I try I . . .


Brad again tries running, jumping, falls to floor


Brad:        See what I mean?  Nothing!


Michael:      Well, may I ask, have you ever been able to fly?


Brad:        No, but then I have never been an angel before.  Maybe when I came here to heaven I wasn’t assigned the right equipment, wings, halo, stuff like that.  I mean, I am sure you have your wings and all . . .


Brad goes behind Michael, feels his back, frowns, disappointed


Brad:        I don’t understand!  You don’t have wings either.  Aren’t you an angel?


Michael:      Yes, I am.


Brad:        An angel?  Without wings?  (thinks, gets an idea)  I got it!  I saw a show on TV back on earth one time, this angel messed up and lost his wings.  Did you see that show?


Michael:      Uhh, I believe I may have missed that one.  Now perhaps if we were to . .


Brad:        Not to worry, I watched it several times, I remember what Chester did to get his wings back.


Michael:      Chester?


Brad:        Yep, Chester the Charming angel.


Michael:      . . . .  the Charming angel?


Brad:        Disney Channel.  But why don’t you have your wings on?  How do you get around?


Michael:      Well, here in the office walking has always seemed to work for me.


Brad:        Don’t use wings in the office?


Michael:      Never tried it but seems to me they would be in the way, folks would be forever bumping into each other, knocking things off shelves.


Brad:        I can live without wings.  But I do need my halo.


Michael:      Ummmmmm, as I was saying . . .  let’s get some of the paperwork done first and then we can talk about it.


Brad:        No prob. . .  (looks closely at Michael). . . Question . . . How come you’re not wearing regulation angel uniform?


Michael:      Regulation angel uniform?


Brad:        Yeh, you know, like me, white robe and all.


Michael, raised eyebrows:   
Uhhh . . . We kinda feel like we don’t need the official uniform around the office.


Brad:        OK, I can live with it. . .  Think maybe I should take off my uniform as well?


Michael:      Go for it is my advice.


Brad, removes robe:  
Sorry, where are my manners?  (holds out hand)  What was your name?


Michael:      Michael.


Brad, (amazed, flustered):   
Not the real Michael?  I mean . . . . not as in . . .


Michael, embarrassed:     
Uhhh, yes, I guess I am the  . . . real Michael.  Now then . ..


Brad:        Here I am a new angel in heaven and who is the first angel I meet?  Michael!  Wowwww!


Michael:      Just a few questions of you, uhhh . . .  (looks in notebook)


Brad:        Brad’s the name.  Sure an honour to meet you Michael!


Michael:      Good meeting you Brad, now then . . .


Brad:        That’s another little detail I was wondering about.


Michael:      Detail?


Brad:        My name.  Brad.  I was kind of expecting to get a new name here in heaven.


Michael:      You don’t like Brad as a name?


Brad:        Love it!  Manly, shows strength and character.


Michael:      I am confused.  If you like your name why would you want to change it?


Brad:        Brad’s great as earth names go, but it’s not real angel-ish.


Michael:      Angel-ish?


Brad:        I was wondering if Sanctumus might be available, or has it been spoken for already?


Michael:      Sanctumus?


Brad:        Yep, I played an angel in the concert in Grade 6 one time, my name was Sanctumus, liked that name, kinda.  Except Johnnie Edwards, he couldn’t remember my name and when he got nervous on stage he called me Bradumus.


Michael:      What say we compromise and call you Brad?


Brad:        Hey, I can live with that.


Michael:      Anyhow, we are excited to have you here Brad; it’s my pleasure to show you around, make sure you are comfortable.


Brad, quietening, sincere:    
This is so awesome!  I can’t wait to see my family who are here, and my friend Tim who passed away.  Mostly though, I want to meet Jesus, in person I mean.


Michael:      He wants to meet you too Brad, in person.


Brad:        You know, it was back on this day in 2001.


Michael:      Yes, it was Brad.


Brad:        You knew that it was back on that day in 2001 when I became a Christian?  You keep records of those things?


Michael:      Yes, we do keep records of those things Brad.  (opens book, shows Brad)  See, right here.


Brad:        Wow!  It is too.  (saddens)  Guess you will have a record of May 18, 2008 too, won’t you?


Michael, looks in book:     
Well, no record of what happened, but I can see a drop of blood here on that page.


Brad:        No record?  Well, I did something I am really ashamed of, I ..  . . drop of blood?


Michael, looks on next page
This explains it.  Shows here you asked God to forgive you.


Brad:        Wowwww!  Totally as though it never happened!  Guess I didn’t realize everything about forgiveness!
I have so much to learn about being an angel.


Michael:      All angels go through this steep learning curve. . .
I remember my first day as an angel . . .
Gabriel met me and he . . .


Brad, excited:  You actually met Gabriel?


Michael:      Well yes I did, and you will as well . ..


Brad:        I will actually meet  . . . Gabriel? . . . That is unbelievable!


Michael:      Gabriel explained his involvement in incredible events. . . about the time 2,000 years ago when he and the other angels were summoned by God to prepare for a special event.


lights down on Location 1


Scene 2


As music begins in the dark, blue light (to represent sky) is projected on rear scrim.

Sound effect of gentle wind

Slowly lights up on Location2 until actors (not God) are seen


VOG:        You are required to participate in my loving outreach to my people, the ones I made in my own image.


Lucifer:       Outreach to those on earth? . . . Why bother? . . . Those people continue to live sinful and decadent lifestyles, they even follow other gods and not you Yahweh. Trust me, they aren’t worth it!


Angel 2:      How many times do you forgive them?


Angel 3:      They have proven time and again they will never follow the laws and commandments you have clearly provided through your prophets.


VOG:        My children must be saved . .  and I am the only one who can save them.
They need God go to them, live among them, be like them in every way.


Angel 3:      No, it can not, it must not happen!


Angel 2:      The very God!  Going to live on earth?  A common  . .. . man?


Lucifer:       I refuse to allow this to happen!


VOG, angry:  You Day Star . . . . . refuse?  (more angry)  You . . .  . refuse?


Lucifer:       It is unspeakable . . . . unthinkable.


Angel 2:      Unfathomable!


Angel 3:      Preposterous!


VOG:        May I remind you to whom you are speaking?


Angel 2:      You are the great I Am.


VOG:        That is true.  And you are the heavenly host, set somewhat above man, but regardless still having no right to question Me or My plans.


Angel 2:      It is not that we question, only that we wish another, more acceptable alternative.


Angel 3:      An option whereby Yahweh would not be humbled, destroyed.


VOG:        Man can not live sinless lives. And my law dictates that there must be payment for sin, payment which man can not pay. I will take on human form, live on earth as a human, and take on the sins of all. In order that I take on humanity my reputation, might and power must be left behind.


Lucifer:       But why must all godliness be set aside?


VOG:        You forget, angel, I have made man in my image, therefore seeds of godliness dwell in the heart of man.


Angel 2:      Seeds perhaps, but seeds which, like the good seed among the weeds and thistles, will always fight a losing battle to man’s sinful nature.


Angel 3:      Please remember, your sinless nature can not stand the sight of sin.  How then will you live among sin?


VOG:        Humanity will not see how I relate to them unless and until I am seen as being one with them.


Lucifer:       But you do not understand!  There must be an overall order within existence!  And you are  . . .  God!


VOG:        And you are angel, and would do well to remember that fact!


Angel 2:      Consider Lord God Jehovah, Yahweh!  You have position.


VOG:        And that position I leave behind today.


Angel 3:      You can not exist without your position . . . .


Lucifer:       Without your omnipotence!


Angel 2:      Without your majesty!


VOG:        You speak as though I will be entirely defenceless.


Angel 3:      No, not entirely defenceless, but . . .  common.


VOG:        Yes, common as my people are common, and in the same way that my people are not defenceless nor will I be without defence.


Lucifer:       Will you not reconsider?  This course on which you are setting out will only bring doom to the godhead, and for what?  Man, in spite of this, will always be . . . man!


Angel 2:      Day Star, how dare you speak in this manner with Yahweh?


Angel 3:      We share your concerns, Day Star, but we as angels must never condemn the decisions of Almighty God!


VOG:        Yes, indeed, Day Star, your fellow angels give good counsel to which you would be wise to listen.  (pause slightly, and more sadly)  And also understand, there is no other way to save man.


Lucifer:       Forgive me, Yahweh, you are wrong, this is the wrong course of action, you must use cunning and wisdom in dealing with man.


VOG, with great anger, emotion:   
Enough, Day Star, . . .  Lucifer!  And, no, I shall not forgive you!  For today you have stepped over the line which separates The Almighty God from all others. 


Lucifer falls to the floor


VOG:        You are banished forever from the heavenlies, do not return!


SFX:        flash of lightning and sound of thunder


Lucifer quickly crawls offstage


VOG, softly:   Now then . . .
Gabriel, come!


Gabriel comes on stage, kneels, looks downstage head bowed


Gabriel:      I am listening Yahweh.


VOG:        Gabriel, you will go to earth, to the town of Nazareth. There you will meet a young woman, Mary. I have chosen her to be the mother of the Messiah I have promised to my people.

The complete script, plus all 2,000 other DramaShare scripts, are available at no charge to DramaShare members, non-members may purchase the individual script.

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