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Proud to be serving in churches with congregations from a handful of people to thousands. We are equally grateful to be used in colleges, schools, groups, homeschools and with individuals. Our methods and materials have been proven over the last 35+ years.

We are constantly writing new materials, often to the specs of DramaShare members. Help maintain this ministry through DramaShare membership.

Source of Experienced Information

DramaShare is blessed to have wonderfully experienced volunteers in areas of expertise who donate their knowledge and experience to you. Check out the Resources link

Karl Wagner aka Mr Techie, Karl had the uncanny to assist with almost any area, whether it be set design, graphics, sound, lighting, script writing, and much more. (And Karl is an awesome artist!, presently plying his craft around the world, for information email him) For many years Karl was our right hand man and above all else, our very dear friend. Karl has written several scripts which you will find here at DramaShare, and he wrote the very popular “DramaTech Technical Manual” and the “Stage Managers” Manual and has written literally tons of articles in our Resources area.

David Suhs, the Lord’s Laughter brings over 30 years of experience in clown ministry including performances, script writing, and workshop leadership. Read David’s Bio and also An Introduction To Clowning. Read David’s excellent new article on  Getting Started In Clowning Ministry   In addition David has an excellent Clowning Training Workbook developed through his many years of involvement in Clowning ministry, check it out.

You will also find more of David’s good advice and guidance in Resources.

Ellen Jervis, The Staging Assistant has wide ranging skills in set design, costuming, directing, acting and generally a “know-it-all” kinda person. She, like all DramaShare volunteers, is available to answer questions, send your request to scripts@dramashare.org

Lori Biddle, Director of Magnification at her Ohio church coordinates music, technical areas, artists, drama group, staging and creation of church services. You will learn much from Lori’s articles on being “Over Committed” in ministry,”  “Supernatural Programming,” as well as “Conflicts In The Ministry” and “Doing A Redo  

Karen Dickson, Servant Director has a long, long list of articles on acting and directing in ResourcesAnd Karen is a very accomplished script writer, her “Litany For Good Friday” is very popular.

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