Drama Generations

Drama is often assumed to be a ministry directed toward children or youth, and certainly dramatic ministry is very useful in these ages. DramaShare has a wealth of information available for use in Children’s Ministry.

But to an increasing degree we are finding drama becoming very popular in other age groups as well.
College and career groups have always been enthusiastic users of drama, and in fact it was in this age group that DramaShare first began.

We are finding womens ministries to be very large users of dramatic presentations. We write large numbers of scripts for women’s retreats and women’s conferences.

Although not to the same degree as women, men’s groups are beginning to use Christian drama in their activities as well.

Likely few realize the number of seniors groups who are using dramatic ministry both in their functions and also in outreach activities. Seniors use all forms of drama but are particularly gifted in the use of Reader’s Theatre (Open Book) drama.

An area in which dramatic ministry is not as popular is families. Likely the main reason is this age group live life at a hundred miles an hour, so busy that there just doesn’t seem to be time for another happening. Yet it is in families that the diverse areas of needs and problems exist, and drama can be an open and non-threatening means of addressing these needs. DramaShare plans to spend more time in adding scripts, training and resources for family ministry.

Each of these age groups have unique resource and training needs. We have scripts for all age groups, and also training materials.

But there are factors unique to each “drama generation” in terms of some of the special attention that is needed. So now and on an on-going basis we will be posting articles and suggestions here to assist those in these important ministries.

We are blessed to have volunteering people, experienced in all of these areas, people we can call on to help with articles and information. However we need your help as well. This ministry is called DramaShare for good reason . .  the intent is on “sharing”  So if you have experience in drama, we invite you to share it with a worldwide audience.

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