Forms of Drama

Mime Scripts

Beginning, or upgrading, a drama ministry, whether in churches, Christian and other schools, traveling troops, missionaries and others, is no easy task, it requires hard work, dedication, and more than a little prayer.

And on the local church level there are some very important “must-haves”  the absence of which will,  short of a miracle, eliminate any chance of success:

  • Senior Pastor (SP) who annually signs in on the project, committed to:
    • in conjunction with the Drama Coordinator (DC) setting rules of content, conduct, training & upgrading
    • actively supporting the ministry  in the church population as a whole, within the staff, on the board level & in every department & in every main stage service
    • a min. 3 month advance sermon plan with theme & Bible verse
    • min. of 2 sermon starters per month, 1-3 characters, under 5 min
    • max. 24 hr review and approval or rejection of scripts submitted
    • participates in min. one performance per year
  • Prayer Coordinator
  • Drama coordinator
  • as required, coordinators for volunteers, music, training, costumes, makeup

And there are just so many options within drama ministry:

  • standard drama with two or more actors
  • full length drama (it’s fine for large churches and for those with established drama programs but should never be tried as a first time event, with the possible exception of dinner theatre. To do full length drama well you need months of rehearsing. Full-length needs a huge amount of commitment from volunteers, this can be an excellent way of generating “I will never do that again!” comments. Drama organizers beware that after full-length drama is done you will see former volunteers race for the doors when you approach them! Nuff said!)
  • monolog, (the most common form of drama, yet the most under-utilized! When pastors, sermon coordinators and drama leaders complain “I can not get anyone who wants to act” . . my standard answer is . .  “you have no reason to panic so long as your acting troop doesn’t go below 1! . . . And there is no better way of recruiting than monologs. . Soooo that’s another petty excuse off the table!)
  • readers theatre (open book drama, often referred to as Senior’s Drama, but not at all restricted to us old folks)
  • dance, sometimes called interpretive movement, (especially in Baptist churches like mine, where, as we know dancing is not done! LOL, sorry fellow Bappers!)
  • dinner theatre, or dessert theatre, (excellent training for new or young actors, also an excellent means of creating excitement in the church, AND incredible program for raising money for various church, missions and outreach activities. Our client churches have raised as much as $35,000 with a 3 day dinner or dessert theatre presentation. Contact DramaShare for details on planning dinner theatre events.
  • improv, improvisation, unscripted drama, excellent intro into acting, as a training tool for actors
  • mime, pantomime, (which is much more than “white face”) it is essential training for actors who are seeking to enhance their craft, or for directors looking to improve the acting skills of their people
  • human video or mime to music, (note there is no video in human video), it’s only an industry name, and likely the worst case of branding anyone ever came up with
  • puppetry, (again, excellent training for actors (as they can “see their hand” doing logical stage expression and movement)
  • clowning
  • and much more

Good drama programs use a wide range of creative ministry types and options in order to reach and teach more people in the church congregation and as outreach to the community and world. Start off with, and keep, your foundation method being monologues but venture out as you gain relevance and acceptance in your church.

At DramaShare we have scripts, training and resources for all of these and much more

With hard work, dedication and prayer, plus resources DramaShare has developed over the past 35+ years, a highly successful, long-term creative arts ministry is possible, even in the smallest church, even if organizers and personnel have had no formal education or experience.

What are the components necessary for a successful drama ministry?

How does DramaShare supply these?

  • DramaShare has 2,000+ scripts, for every season including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter, for every drama form such as regular drama, mime, clowning, Human Video (mime to music), and much more. And we add new scripts every week
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  • Organizational planning is crucial for the long-term success of your Creative Arts ministry. One of the best resources for proper organizing, (or re-organizing), your ministry is the DramaShare Organizational Manual.
  • Training is crucial in order to attract and keep volunteers in your Creative Arts ministry. Our DramaClub Training Manual has straightforward information in language you can understand.

What else does DramaShare have to offer?

  • Resources. Here you will see the many areas where DramaShare can, and does, assist.

How do Customers Best Access these Resources?

While scripts can be purchased individually, membership is much more user-friendly and usually less expensive. Membership gives 12 months of free scripts with no limit to the number of scripts you may use. And all you need to do is enter this DramaShare website using your passwords and start downloading! . . . You don’t even have to contact us . . .
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May God bless your ministry, dramatically!