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The DramaShare Sermon Starter Season
There are many “seasons” in the church year . . . Christmas season, Easter season, Advent and others. And for each season there are drama scripts written specifically for use at that time.
But, dramatically speaking, the longest running season for dramas is… the Sermon Starter season!
Sermon starters are for all seasons, for all times, all subjects. And being short, (often less than 5 minutes), they are easily rehearsed and memorized, a fun and motivating experience for actor(s) and an immediate attention grabber for the congregation.
Many of our client churches tell us they have largely or completely moved from full-length productions to more frequent, (in many cases weekly), sermon starters. And in recent years DramaShare, (while still writing longer scripts), has placed greater emphasis on sermon starters.
We invite DramaShare members to submit their upcoming sermon themes, Bible references, number of actors and details to DramaShare and we will search our extensive database of over 2,000 scripts for the script which most closely matches your needs. And if we don’t have anything “on the shelf” we may be able to write something just right for you. (In those cases we may even be able to customize it for you with mention of your area, etc.).
Call us 1-877-363-7262 or send a note.

For a listing of current sermon starters click here

The intent is for DramaScene to be a “two way informational vehicle” therefore we invite your feedback, suggestions and articles. Send us a note to scripts@dramashare.org or call us (toll-free throughout North America) at 1-877 DO-DRAMA (363-7262)

Our wish is that this ministry will always be about sharing information and expertise. We are blessed with many contacts around the world who are very experienced in their fields, and these people offer their expertise at no charge. This is the essence of “DramaSharing” and we are grateful to them. Perhaps you have expertise and experiences you wish to share. Contact us please.

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