We are frequently asked for recommendations on “best” scripts. Unfortunately, “best, like beauty” is “in the eye of the beholder.” So, I have taken stats from our website as to what you, our worldwide supporters, have selected by your downloading and staging in the recent past.

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As you would expect, I, as the writer of most of our scripts, won’t always agree with your choices, (in the same way you won’t always agree with mine). However, in the case of the #1 pick, your favorite and mine is the same.

Meeting Between Two Mothers” is a script I nominally wrote, but at the time, and even more, ever since, I realize I was just the one who typed the words into my computer.

A dear saint, Vida Ginther, now gone to be with her dear Lord and Savior, was a quiet, always smiling lady in the congregation of Lawson Heights Alliance Church in Saskatoon, SK.

Vida, much to the amazement of her family when, many years later I told them of the background of this script, was an awesome prayer warrior for our fledgling DramaShare ministry. And she told me of a monolog she had performed in her German-speaking church as a pre-teen girl.

As Vida spoke I am afraid I “zoned out” because in my mind I was already pounding out the words of the script on my computer, (with 2 fingers of course). And never before and never since have I “written” a script in such a short time. Clearly, I, (for once in my writing career LOL), “let go and let God” write that script. And I never once did a re-write.

But the miracle didn’t end there, in fact the best was yet to come.

The theme running through this script was two women, meeting on a dusty street in Jerusalem after the crucifixion. Those women had recently each lost a son: “Jesus” and “Judas.”

Often when writing/directing/organizing drama presentation I have in mind actors(s) “who would be good” for the part(s). I had no one in mind and, “Vida was not acting at her age!”)!

But then there came a very clear understanding of who would play the part of Mary. . . . “Eileen Perry will be perfect for the role,” I announced to my wife!

I looked up Eileen’s phone number, announced to her she was going to be Mary in our drama.

There was an obvious hesitation, (sometimes better described as silence), on the line, and finally Eileen said . . . “John, you do realize to whom you are talking . . . do you?”

And it was at that moment that panic hit me . . . This was Eileen Perry, a very nice lady, beautiful. . but a long dissertation from Eileen was “Good morning.” . . And she was shy to almost an extreme!

Oh boy! What had I done? Who did I think I was talking to?

And it didn’t help when Judy said . . . “John, who did you think you were talking to”?

But I had been comforted by Eileen’s final words. “I will think about it and pray.”

Everyone knows that is shorthand for, “Forget it!”

Two hours later my worst fears happened with the message, “I don’t know why, but after praying, I feel I must do it. . . And I trust you John.”

Oh boy!

Fast forward to performance. . . “Mary” left not one person in the audience dry-eyed. Her big, expressive eyes told exactly what, I am sure, the mother of Jesus went through!

Eileen had not acted, she was Mary in that performance. And a new “Eileen” emerged from that performance, a more confident and happier “Eileen.”

A dear friend in the church, Marg Hollands, an exceptionally aware and Bible-knowledgeable lady paid me a great, (alas misplaced), compliment:

“Today I saw the genius of your work! . . . You created an exceptional “Mary” and also such an impressive Rebecca, the mother of Judas!”

With that she paused, thought, said, “Hey wait a minute John! I happen to know Judas’ father was named in the Bible but never a mention, let alone a name, of his mother! Who did you enlist for help on that?”

Silently I just pointed up to the heavens.
Check out Meeting Between Two Mothers.

Hope you find the listings below useful.

May God bless your ministry, dramatically!

John Alexander at DramaShare.org

Octogenarian with grace from God


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