Being a Christian ministry we want to ensure that you, our customer, receive the best in fair and courteous treatment, and on that premise our practices are based. The following are some very logical, straightforward guidelines stated here to provide clarity. Any questions, please contact us by email or phone, toll-free 1-877-DO-DRAMA (363-7262)
NOTE: Script run-time is calculated from the time the performers come on stage until they leave the stage. This done so organizers of the overall worship service can accurately plan.

ST” (Script Tweakers) DramaShare Script Personalizing Service

When you have chosen the DramaShare script that seems to work perfectly for your needs . . . But maybe you need a little tweak to say, “MY church” or “MY school” or “MY town” . . . .
‘Cause you want to turn “Good” into “RIGHT ON!” . . Right?
Who ya’ gonna CALL?


Toll-free 1-877-DO-DRAMA (363-7262)

DramaShare wants your performance to be the very best ever, tweaked for YOUR audiences.
That kind of service is where DramaShare really shines & amazes, changing a few details, turning ordinary into extraordinary and script written for “general purposes” into something tailored exactly for your audience experience!
Give us a little advance warning, DramaShare will make sure your audiences see it was written specifically for them! .  . As it will be!
Members only please Contact us for more information,
giving name of script and full info on changes requested.

*minimal charges will be assessed, first 15 minutes technical changes free, adaptations become copyrighted property of DramaShare, all must be destroyed if membership lapses.


  • Anything other than minor changes must be approved by DramaShare, the author.
  • All DramaShare products and services are copyrighted materials, subject to the usual copyright regulations.
  • Although more lenient than most publishers, please read and adhere to our policies in regard to copyright. Please contact us in advance if there is any uncertainties.
  • Only minor charges are permitted. Allowable changes, are (best done by our “Script Tweakers” service) but MAY include changing from male to female, or female to male, roles in cases OTHER THAN portrayal of Biblical characters, (including God and Jesus), which will not ever have gender changes. Other allowable changes MAY be changing a few words for clarity or for local situations. If there are uncertainties, ASK FIRST. We want to work with you to ensure the very best performance in your ministry.
  • Any adaptations made to DramaShare scripts remain the property of DramaShare and are not to be shared with any other group without the approval of DramaShare, and are subject to the same regulations as the original DramaShare script.


  • To clarify, all DramaShare materials, however obtained will always remain the property of DramaShare. In the same manner as renting a library book, ownership at all times remains with DramaShare, however, upon payment the DramaShare client has full right to hold and use the DramaShare product for 365 days after payment. Unless previously renewed, on or before the 365th day, all materials originally provided to the client along with any copies, alterations and adaptations must be proven to have been destroyed, in whomever’s hands, and in all formats including hard copy, digital or any other.
  • DramaShare scripts and materials can only be obtained at this DramaShare website. All materials obtained, bought or borrowed elsewhere are illegally obtained. Holder and source will be prosecuted as outlined in Copyright law. Anything less would jeopardize our copyright and encourage what is, at it’s core, theft.


  • By purchasing an individual script the original purchaser receives 365 days full rights to stage that drama in that specific church, and to make additional copies for all actors or off-stage personnel. Copies of scripts shall not be provided to other persons or groups either now or in the future. If the script(s) is not renewed in 365 days all copies, in any format will be destroyed.


  • For the past 35+ years we, the Alexander family and our many assistants and volunteers, have striven to hold pricing as low possible, even subsidizing, this what ministry is all about. Amazingly, our membership pricing of $98, which was in effect in 2008, has never gone above that level, while at the same time adding almost 1,000 new scripts, many new manuals, tutorials, self-help study materials and resources.
    • The average DramaShare member who used 19.4 scripts/year in 2008 had a cost of $9.12/script.
    • The DramaShare member in 2019, (same $89 price), had average cost for 21.1 scripts of $4.43/script.
  • Membership gives that original purchaser and that specific church full rights to view, download, print off, duplicate as necessary (for all actors and off-stage personnel in that group), and to perform any and all scripts currently available on the DramaShare site DURING THE PERIOD OF MEMBERSHIP.
  • Passwords may be given to any ministry leader within the group, but not shared with any other person or group.
  • Manuals obtained as part of a membership package can be downloaded at any time during the first month of active membership PLUS one (1) additional download within the term of the membership at no additional cost, but must be destroyed immediately if membership is allowed to lapse, as shall all DramaShare materials including adaptations, in hard copy or electronic format.


  • These materials are restricted to the use of the original purchaser in that specific church, for 365 days, after which all materials will be destroyed, unless renewed. Reproduction of these materials for, or by, others is not permitted.


  • All pricing is shown in US funds. PLEASE NOTE SOME banks do charge an international transaction fee, this is beyond our control, and this is a charge made by, and the charges retained by, the bank involved.
  • By charging in US funds DramaShare ensures that customers all over the world will derive the best price regardless of where the customer is located.
  • DramaShare materials obtained by customers in Canada will be charged GST or HST on all purchases, others exempt.


  • Electronic format goods and services, (including membership fees, electronic scripts and downloadable manuals), are not returnable, nor refundable, since there is no way to “return” goods which have been downloaded to your computer.
  • NOTE: If you have a concern with the “rightness” of a particular script or product which you have purchased, as to how “appropriate” it may be for the application in your church, please send us a note or give us a call. We are not inflexible and will work with you to ensure that, (if it is within our ability), you are satisfied.
  • We recommend that you view our sample of the scripts to get an idea of our writing style and theology. We also encourage you to phone (toll-free) or email for information on scripts, manuals and other DramaShare products, prior to purchase.
  • Warranty on CD’s or DVD’s is limited to replacement of the identical item, if returned within 30 days of shipment.
  • Returns of hard copy items, (within 30 days, and received in as new condition), are subject to 25% restocking fee, return shipping prepaid by the customer. Note for returns outside Canada, all necessary export documents must be completed, failure to do so will result in DramaShare being charged duty, which will be deducted from settlement.


  • Everyone with a DramaShare account will be subscribed to the basic, one page, once per month DramaShare newsletter. In this new site you will have the ability to choose of there is any other information you wish to receive. Only you can subscribe to other informational emails.
  • Why a monthly reminder?
    • informs when your membership, script or other purchase expires, giving time to renew or destroy materials
    • it serves as a reminder to both you and DramaShare that your account exists, helping eliminate “orphan, unused accounts,” a huge issue on a site as large as ours.
    • Very importantly it is a way for us to double check for predator subscribers and weed them out immediately.
    • We do not want to send unwanted mail as it is not only annoying, it is a cost we all end up paying.
Frankly it is very difficult to get on the DramaShare Newsletter . . . .
    • DramaShare does not, has not ever and will not ever purchase a mailing list or “harvest” emails!
    • WHY won’t we do so? Actually if you have to ask you have no right to be on our website. It is immoral and likely illegal. Even more, it is the sign of disrespect, rather than earning the customer’s respect, and that is wrong.
      Some Christian groups do purchase and sell email lists, that is their call, we will not.
    • So if you “find yourself” on any DramaShare newsletter, (other than the one page, once a month), DO NOT EVER SAY “I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS,” YOU DID!
OK, that said, there are 3 ways to subscribe to our basic one page once a month newsletter, (we may request info)
  • request in writing, by phone or on our online form to be placed on our DramaShare mailing list.
  • purchase any DramaShare product, including DramaShare membership.
  • ask by email, phone or contact list, for any specific information on creative arts or DramaShare products

There are many many ways to GET OFF the DramaShare list.

    • ask in writing, typing, phoning, or any other means known, or unknown, to man, (or woman)
    • use profanity or unacceptable language, (the limits of which will be adjudicated solely by DramaShare).
Therefore, being on the basic once per month DramaShare mailing list is no longer an option

If you have any questions please give us a call, we are here 24/7 and the phone call is toll-free when you call 1-877-DO-DRAMA (363-7262) or e-mail: scripts@dramashare.org

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