An Early Christmas

Wow! As I sat down to write, my thoughts strayed to Christmas. Do you realize that this special time is only six months away? Some of you will say “oh there is plenty of time to think of that later, let’s get through the summer”.

Then there are the serious planners that say “maybe we should meet soon and choose our drama for Christmas”. You know, that is the way to think. The message of the birth of Christ has always been an opportunity to reach many believers and non-believers.

We at DramaShare are writing requested custom scripts for many churches right now. We appreciate the lead time. By the time the script is ready, the drama coordinators can assemble their cast and crew early in the fall. What a treat to have the time and the fresh energy to have a well-rehearsed, beautifully presented story of the gift from God of His precious Son.

I looked up Christmas scripts on the DramaShare web site. You will be pleased at the variety of ways the message can be preached.

Full length productions, sermon starters, monologues, puppet scripts, reader’s theatre – the list goes on! Take a few moments, you’ll be glad you did.

Early Season’s Greetings:)

Dramatically for the Lord, Judy


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