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15 Mar

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Follow Up With Follow-up

Even the most well-attended, energetic, vibrant ministry event, with the most positive feedback ever received, isn’t enough.non-members

What??” you ask. “But I poured endless hours into the planning, team-building, organization, dreaming, praying, bleeding, sweating, and crying over this event!! How could that not be enough??” God does ask for our best, as we serve Him. While He does deserve so much more than our best, we offer up all we are and all we have. Sometimes, when we are caught up in the throws of “planning ministry” (an oxymoron in itself, but we’ll cover THAT another day!), in our haste, we often forget one of the most important elements that must be thoughtfully planned and executed – the follow-up.

Through these events, people can get a real sense of who you are as a church body, and (hopefully) that’s seen as something attractive. Community members leave feeling great, maybe even curious as to what it is that makes you different, and perhaps even quietly interested in exploring things further. Without any follow-up, though, that curiosity fades, as the distractions of the world grab incessantly. What is your follow-up plan in your ministry? Maybe it’s a Next Steps class, widely advertised and personally offered. Maybe it’s a cup of coffee at the shop around the corner.

Whatever the plan is, ensure it’s something . . . And that there is a plan!


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