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03 Sep

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Recruiting for ministry

OK, we need a team of four people to be involved in this event. Okay, so I’ll pop an ad in the weekly bulletin, that should bring ’em in! Waiting… waiting… That’s strange, my phone hasn’t started ringing yet. No emails, either. Maybe the internet is down – yes, that must be it! I’ll just keep on waiting – I KNOW I’ll soon be flooded with requests by people, desperate to be involved!

Sound familiar? Recruiting is never fun – sometimes you feel like all you do is ask people to do stuff. There has been a ton of writing and a ton-and-a-half of lectures on the best way to recruit. Some of them may work for you, others may not. The people you target are as unique as the ministry you lead. Just when you didn’t need more advice on this, here’s some recruiting advice – recruiting needs to be relational. People are much more likely to step out and serve if they are comfortable with, or at least know the person / people they will be serving with. People won’t respond to a bulletin ad to same way they will respond to someone affirming them, and letting them know the gifts God has planted in them. With this approach, can one person do all this recruiting?

Nope, and one person shouldn’t – recruiting should always be a team responsibility, made up of a group of people who understand the common mission and vision of the ministry, and how it fits into the mission and vision of the church as a whole. This recruiting team needs to include people who are sensitive, and gifted at recognizing the gifts in others.

Still utilize the weekly bulletin, church website, regular emails, etc when recruiting. It’s important for the church as a whole to be aware of the needs of each ministry, so they can be in prayerful support, and perhaps even do some recruiting of their own!


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