God does not call the equipped
He equips the called!

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19 Nov

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Thank you God!
People, let us hear your thankful applause to our gracious God!
With your most joyful voice shout to our God!
Everyone throughout this blessed land; let God hear your happy adoration!
Send your praise heavenward; sing, dance and play loudly on your instruments!
For as long as we have breath we must praise his wonderful name!
I trusted in God’s wonderful grace and he has made me flourish and grow.
He set me in a place where his provision has cared for me.

Thank you God!

Though sorrow and failure may come
My soul will wait in silence for the one true God
For my hope is in Him alone.
He is my rock and my salvation,
My stronghold; I shall not be shaken.
All you who hear me take note: trust in Him at all times
Come before him and pour out your heart’s needs and desires
God alone is our refuge, our safe place.

Thank you God!

I will call out to Him in times of need
He will know of my dependence on his provision
But let not my humanness restrict my words to requests
My desire is not to request but to praise
My most urgent need is to surround his throne with my thanks
That I might stay mindful of his gifts to me
For freedom and friendship and family
For safety and support and salvation
For health and happiness and . . . heaven.
May I celebrate a profession of my thanks!

Thank you God!


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