Jesus Son Of God On Trial

  • Cast Number: 20
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Mark

Theme:            A court scene drama focusing on some of Jesus’ miracles debates whether the amazing powers of Jesus mean that he might be the son of God.
This drama is the second scene from the larger “Faith And Failure” drama on the DramaShare site.
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Bible Reference:          Mark


Cast:                (20)
Disciple1 (D1) also Defender
Disciple2 (D2) also Defender
Mary Magdalene
Woman with issue of blood
Joseph’s crippled brother
extras as available


Set:                  Court Room, can be as elaborate or plain as desired

Sound:             as available


Costumes:       likely traditional


Time:              20


Sample of script:


Judges bench is at stage left

Defendant’s chair is in front of and facing Judge

Annas & Caiaphas (Co-prosecutors) & D1 & D2 (Co-defenders) centerstage facing Judge

Witnesses seated at stage right, when each is called they sit beside Judge facing SR

Jesus is led in and seated in Defendant’s chair


Soldier comes on stage left


Soldier:            Jerusalem High Court in session, His Excellency Judge Pilate on the bench, all rise.


All rise as Judge comes on stage, Judge sits


Soldier:            You may be seated.


Judge:              What is the first case before the court?


Soldier:            It is the case of the People against Jesus ben Joseph of Nazareth.


Judge:              And what is the charge Sargent?


Soldier:            Well, Your Honor, the charge seems to be rather a strange one.


Judge:              It is not your role to judge the charges Sargent, merely to announce them. You are wasting the time of this court . .  go ahead please!


Soldier:            Yes Your Honor. . . . The issue is to determine if this Jesus ben Joseph of Nazareth is . .  the . . . ummm . . . Son of God.


Judge:              Rather strange charge indeed. . . . And who is the prosecutor in this case?


Caiaphas, stands:       
That is I Your Honor, I am Caiaphas, chief priest in the Jerusalem temple. . . . I will be joined by Annas, my fellow priest, he and I will be co-prosecutors in this case.


Annas:             This farcical trial will take only a few moments of your precious time Your Honor, the entire matter is a sham, the man is an outlaw and a fool!


Judge, to Soldier:       
There seems to be some confusion Sargent. . . . I was given to believe that it was I who was to be sitting in judgment for this matter. However it would seem by their statements that Priests Caiaphas and his fellow priest, . . . and father-in-law as I recall, . . .  Annas, feel that it is their duty to judge this case. . . . Now then, co-prosecutors, if you would be so kind as to sit down and do your job I shall endeavor to do mine.


Annas and Caiaphas upset, sit down


Judge:              Thank you!
Now, Sargent, I have to assume this court will also be blessed with defense counsel?


Sargent:           Yes Your Honor, these two, (points to D1 & D2), will be co-defenders.


Annas, stands: Objection Your Honor!


Judge:              Oh goody! . . . And upon what principle or precedent does you learned objection ride?


Annas:             These men are friends of the defendant . . . even call themselves his disciples!


Judge:              Let me internalize your comments dear Annas . . . You are deeming these two inadmissible defense counsel simply because they are friends of the defendant. Now, even though it is possible that my knowledge of matters judicial may pale in comparison to yours . . . In my eyes you appear to be virtually enemies of the defendant. Yet you see nothing wrong in coming to this court as prosecutors . .
Do you share my feeling there may be some inconsistency here?
Objection overruled!


Annas:             But Your Honor . . . .


Judge:              Am I perhaps speaking too softly to be heard?
(very loud)
Objection overruled! . . . Now sit!
(glares at the two, unhappily they sit)
Now then, much better, if we may proceed . . .
Prosecutors . . . why don’t you go first?


Caiaphas:         This man is guilty of an act of heresy!


Judge:              Heresy you say? I can’t recall the last time I have heard a case of heresy. . .  It must be, let me think . . .  never actually. Can you recall a case of heresy coming before this court Sargent?


Sargent:           Never Your Honor.


Judge:              As I thought. . . . Perhaps the prosecution would like to expand on their claim of heresy, quickly I should hope, before I judge this trial to be a farce and incarcerate the two of you for wasting the time of this court.


Caiaphas:         This man claims to be the son of Yahweh God.


Judge:              Really? . . . Interesting! . . . And has the prosecution directly asked the defendant as to whether he is the son of God?


Caiaphas:         No, we do not speak with fools and outlaws!

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