Miracle Time

  • Cast Number: 12
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Mark

Theme:            A street scene drama where Jesus is performing miracles, including Lazarus, Bartimaeus, Leper, man crippled from birth, Jairus’ daughter, Mary Magdalene and the woman with the issue of blood.
This drama is first scene from a larger 3 scene drama, Faith And Failure, which is on the DramaShare site
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Bible Reference:          Mark


Cast:                (12)
Disciple1 (D1)
Disciple2 (D2)
Mary Magdalene
Woman with issue of blood
Joseph’s crippled brother
extras as available


Set:                  Street Scene


Sound:             as available


Costumes:       likely traditional


Time:              20


Sample of script:


Caiaphas and Annas are sitting off to the side throughout this scene, reacting negatively


D1:                  This is all so tiring!


D2:                  Where do all these people come from?


D1:                  The teacher should limit those who demand his time.


D2:                  Everyone has some form of deformity, surely not everyone can hope to be instantly cured.


D1:                  It’s just a fact of life, some people have infirmities . . . it’s simply life.


D2:                  See the man standing there . . . the one with the cripple. . . . I know him . . . Joseph ben Daniel is his name . . we are from the same town. . . .  The cripple is his brother; he has been crippled since birth.


D1:                  Brought here hoping for a miracle, a healing, I am sure. . . . Ridiculous! . . . Surely one born to being a cripple can simply accept his own situation.


Joseph moves to D2, other actors react to Joseph jumping the cue

Jesus begins to watch


Joseph:            D2, you know me, I am Joseph ben Daniel, I was your neighbor for several years. . . Please, my brother needs the healing touch of your Messiah.


D2:                  Yes Joseph, I remember you . . . and your brother. . . . I would truly like to help you but, look around . . the lineups . . . . Perhaps you might want to wait until the next time we come to . . .


Joseph:            My brother has been waiting all his life . . . I know that just one word from the Healer and my brother will be made whole. . . . Please . . . .


D1:                  Be gone man and take the cripple with you! . . . There are people here with dreadful diseases, the Master has no time to heal sniffles and bunions!


Jesus, to disciples:      
Are you my disciples or are you sons of Satan? . . . Who in heaven or on earth has granted the two of you the right to decide who will, and who will not, receive the grace of God?


D2:                  But Master this man has not walked since birth and there are so many here in greater need, even those rich and powerful, who will, with a touch from you, be important supporters of your ministry!


Jesus:              Bring to me all who have suffered loss from the deceiver, regardless in what form. The first in my Father’s house will be the lowly rejects of this world, the ones downtrodden and despised by men. No one who calls on my name will I turn away. Beware the consequences of you doing so.


D1:                  We understand that Master, but see the crowds here. It will not be possible for you to minister to each one.


Jesus:              Listen and learn! . . .Those who have come here have done so through faith. . . Why would it be that you, ones who call themselves my disciples, who have been witnesses to events unthinkable by human mind . . . . How can it be that those gathered here, those who have never been witness to the miracles done through my Father in heaven . . . . How can the faith of my own disciples be dwarfed by the unspeakable faith of those gathered here?


D2:                  Forgive me Lord.


Jesus:              There indeed will be miracles here today . . . And not all of the miracles will be the shedding of demons, curing of diseases, blindness overcome. Eyes of the heart will be opened with those who could see but could not perceive the meaning of what was seen. Tell me, will you and the other disciples begin to see?


Jesus turns to Joseph


Jesus:              Joseph ben Daniel! . . . Take your brother’s hand that he may stand now on his own! . . . Your faith has made your brother well. . . . Now go, and tell no one what has happened here!


Brother cautiously moves to his feet, tries a few steps, overjoyed begins to run, jump, runs offstage


Joseph, excited:          
Praise the grace of God that he has favored me!


Jesus:              Go in peace.


Joseph joyfully leaves the stage

Jauris and entourage come on stage, disciples take note of his approach


D1:                  Master, here comes a man of great importance.


D2:                  It is Jairus, a ruler in the synagogue.


D1:                  Yes, and he is the same man who has paid for the building of the synagogue. We will bring him forward immediately.


Jesus:              Jairus has health needs as do all others here. But does the position and wealth of Jairus make his needs more important or pressing than others gathered here?


D2:                  His position and his wealth are important to our cause. Since he has come to you others will also come.


Woman with issue of blood comes forward, disciples react


Woman:           Healer . . . cure me. For 12 years I have sought relief from my condition. I have spent every penny I had trying to find a doctor who could cure me. . . . You can cure me, if you will. . . . Just let me touch the hem of your cloak and I will be healed.


D1:                  Woman, what is your illness?


Woman:           I have an issue of blood that will not be stopped.


Disciples react in great fear, come between Woman and Jesus


D2:                  Be gone woman! . .  . You are defiled and you defile all those around you. You must not be near, let alone touch, the Master for he too would become defiled.


Jairus rushes to Jesus, throws himself at the feet of Jesus


Jairus:              Healer, come quickly to my home. My 12 year old daughter lays dying! . . I know that if you just touch her she shall live.


Woman quickly moves around disciples and touches the hem of Jesus’ cloak, Jesus stops


Jesus:              Who touched me?


D1:                  Master there are people all about, it could be anyone, now let us go to the home of Jairus.


Jesus:              Who was it that touched me?


Woman:           It was I Healer, I touched your cloak. . . When I touched you I was immediately healed!


D2:                  Noooooooo! . . . You have defiled the Master!


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