Power Out Of This World Series

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 75 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 147:5

Theme:            Ready to go on a space ship to the moon?
A 5 segment series for VBS or children’s church tells how God’s power is out of this world. God shows his power in creating, protecting, loving, healing and saving. The 5 characters examine God’s power by working through the various ways God shows his power.
DramaShare also offers a more condensed puppet script to go along with this series.

Bible Reference:         Psalm 147:5


Cast:                5 (m or f, any age)
Lionel (kinda “spinney”)
Leesha (naive)


Set:                  Day 1: blank stage
Day 2: the rough frame of a spaceship
Day 3: spaceship is somewhat more complete
Day 4: spaceship is almost complete
Day 5: spaceship is complete
NOTE the set can be as impressive or as basic as the producer desires


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:   standard, although you may want space uniforms and helmets


Props:              none


Songs:             “Climb Upon A Spaceship” (author unknown) to tune of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” is used as ongoing song, additional verses written by DramaShare
Human Video: “My God Is So Big” is used in Day 4 and 5
see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBtmu-iZISs


Time:             75 minutes (approx 15 minutes per segment)


Sample of script:           


Day 1 - God's power to create - Creating story


Leesha and Lionel are sitting on stage, dozing

Freddy, Miranda & Ronnie come on stage, speaking, Lionel and Leesha pay half hearted attention


Freddy:            Fact is I can not wait!


Miranda:          Me either Freddy!


Ronnie:            I know Miranda! . . . This is so exciting!


Freddy:            Up, up and away Ronnie!


Ronnie:            Zoom, zoom, zoom!


Freddy, Miranda and Ronnie run around stage as airplanes, arms spread


Leesha:            Uhhhh . .  Excuse me . . .


Freddy, Miranda, Ronnie ignore, continue


Miranda, shades eyes, looks downward:         
Look, see way down there, everything looks so tiny!


Ronnie:            Yeh, I see the fire hall and the high school.


Freddy:            And there’s Woodland Church!


Lionel:             What are you guys goin’ on about, actin’ silly!


Freddy:            You mean you guys don’t know?


Lionel:             Know what?


Leesha:            If we knew, Freddy Smith, . .  d’ya think we’d be asking?


Freddy:            Sorry, it’s just that we are so excited!


Freddy, Miranda & Ronnie sing and dance:


Song:               We are so excited
We’ve got so much to do
Now’s the time for planning
We will have room for you
It’s an adventure
A fun thing through and through
And if you are with us
You’ll have a great time too!
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1---BLAST OFF!!


Miranda:          Us guys are going up in a big ol’ spaceship!


Lionel, jeering: You . .  guys . . in a spaceship?


Leesha:            And this . . . big ol’ spaceship . . . is where, exactly?


Ronnie:            Well, the spaceship isn’t exactly here yet.


Leesha:            Could’a fooled me Ronnie Anderson.


Lionel:             Me too! . .  I was for sure this here, (points at unseen item), was the spaceship you guys were gonna use for ridin’ to the stars! . . .  Leesha . . . come on, let’s go jet off to Jupiter and Mars!


Leesha and Lionel mime climbing into spaceship and taking off, looking down below


Lionel:            Wow Leesha, this is some spaceship we got here!


Leesha:           Careful the G force isn’t too much for you Lionel.


Leesha and Lionel laugh uproariously, mock the other three


Leesha:           We should oughta take a cow up in this here spaceship Lionel.


Lionel:            I don’t get it . .  why would a cow want to go up in a spaceship?


Leesha:           A cow would want to go up in a spaceship because . . . the cow wants to see the mooooooon!


Lionel:            Could’a fooled me Leesha . . .  I figured the cow wanted to go on the spaceship to see the . . . . Milky Way!


Leesha:           Actually a cow was the first animal in space. . . . Remember the cow that jumped over the moon?


Ronnie:           Laugh all you want Leesha, but we are going in a spaceship for sure!


Lionel:            And this imaginary spaceship is where Ronnie?


Ronnie:           The space ship is not imaginary, you’ll see Lionel!


Lionel:            My guess is a spaceship big enough for to take all these guys to the moon likely must be parked at (local) Airport.


Leesha, laughing:      
Or maybe even (major airport) maybe.


Freddy:           The spaceship isn’t made yet.


Lionel, mocks:            Oh I see, this  . . wonderful . . . spaceship is . . not yet created huh?


Leesha:           Sounds pretty imaginary to me!


Lionel:            I got me an idea! . . . Why wait for your spaceship to be created? . .  I could bring my bike; we could all pile on and go ridin’ on the Milky Way!


Leesha:           Likely not enough room for all of us on your bike Lionel. I got an even better idea . . My Dad has this big old car from way back in the 90’s . . Way my Dad drives my Mom says he for sure does fly!


Miranda:         You guys are just being silly. . . We need a for-real spaceship and that's exactly what we are gonna have.


Leesha:           OK Miranda so you gonna tell us all about this here super-dooper spaceship of yours?


Freddy:           I can tell you guys a buncha things about spacecraft. Spacecraft travel like really fast.


Leesha:           Like my Dad’s really fast car huh? . . . Did you know that my Dad and his friends once drove from New York to San Francisco in like 5 days?


Freddy:           Well that may seem really fast in a car . .  but a spaceship can go from New York to San Francisco in 5 minutes!


Lionel:            Wowsers! . . . Now that is fast!


Ronnie:           Takes my little sister longer than that just to brush her teeth.


Leesha:           Takes my Mom longer than that just to convince my little sister that she’s supposed to brush her teeth!


Ronnie:           Look guys, why don’t we just go and tell Leesha and Lionel more about our spaceship?


Ronnie, Miranda & Freddy sing and act out the words:


Sing:               Climb aboard the spaceship,
We're going to the moon.
Hurry and get ready,
We're going to blast off soon.
Put on your helmets
And buckle up real tight.
Here comes the countdown,
Let's count with all our might.
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1---BLAST OFF!!


Miranda:          Now then . . Do you guys now understand what this spaceship is all about?


Leesha:            Well, not so much. . .  . All I seem to remember is we are to climb on board and . .


Lionel:             And we are going to . . . (scratches his head) . . . Mars I think it was . .


Leesha:            No Lionel . . I think it was going to . . . ummm . . . Minnesota . . I think is where.


Freddy:            You are both wrong! . . . Let’s sing it again Miranda . . .  Ronnie . . .


Ronnie, Miranda & Freddy sing and act out the words:


Sing:               Climb aboard the spaceship,
We're going to the moon.
Hurry and get ready,
We're going to blast off soon.
Put on your helmets
And buckle up real tight.
Here comes the countdown,
Let's count with all our might.
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1---BLAST OFF!!


Leesha:            I got it! . . . We are going to the moon soon on a spaceship. . .  And we are putting helmets on tight.


Lionel:            Yeh, and we do a countdown . . 10-9-12-5-8-4-8 . . . and stuff!


Leesha:           Blast off!!!!!!


Miranda:         Well . .  you have it . .  kinda anyhow.


Lionel:            OK then, what are we waitin’ for?


Ronnie, confused:      
“Waiting for”?


Lionel:            Yeh, let’s get goin’!


Leesha:           Yes, you know . . . 3-2-1 Blast off!


Lionel:            Let’s us get goin’ to the moon, OK?


Freddy:           Slow down some guys! . . . We have a whole lot we gotta do first.


Leesha:           But I want to get into the spaceship right now.


Ronnie:           Maybe look around you . . . Going on a spaceship? . .  But what is missing?


Leesha:           Missing?


Lionel:            Yeh lets us just pile into the spaceship OK?


Ronnie:           Maybe before we pile into the spaceship we need a  . . . what?


Leesha:           I know . .  I know . . . We need a . . . map!


Lionel:            No problem we can pick up a map at Walmart on the way by, so let’s us go.


Lionel & Leesha sing, act out the words:


Sing:               Climb aboard the spaceship,
And please no more delay
Moon will be our new home
And that is where we’ll stay.
Lets take a blanket
It might get cold at night.
Can’t wait to see it,
The moon will be a sight!
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1---BLAST OFF!!


Lionel:             Come on guys. . .  We gotta get goin’!


Leesha:            Yeh, I am excited to get there . .  wanna see the man!


Miranda, confused:     
The man?


Leesha, disbelief:         
Miranda! . . . . Surely you know . . . the man in the moon!


Lionel:             I will get my Mom to pack a loaf of bread to take along.


Ronnie:            You are just going to eat bread, nothing else?


Lionel, shock:   No! . . .  We will eat bread and cheese.


Freddy:            Oh so your mom is going to pack cheese as well as bread?


Lionel:             Hello! . . . Did no one ever tell you Freddy? . . . (as though explaining to a small child) . . . The moon is made of cheese! . . . Wherever we go on the moon we just reach down and pick as much cheese as we need!


Leesha, shakes head in disbelief:         
For people who plan to head to the moon you guys sure haven’t done much research! I just can’t imagine you guys not knowing about the man in the moon . . . You see his face most every night when you look up at the moon!


Lionel:             Sad for sure isn’t it Leesha! . . Now, OK guys, listen up! . . . Time is a-wastin’ so lets pile into our super-dooper spaceship!


Freddy:            But . . .


Leesha, firmly: Freddy! . . . Lionel and me, we have been patient with you guys. . .  But now is the time for action . . .


Lionel:             Everyone! . . . Follow me!


Lionel takes a few steps, Leesha following, then Lionel stops, thinks


Lionel:             Just one question. . . Where are you guys like, following me to?


Leesha:            Don’t be silly Lionel . .  we are following you to the spaceship!


Lionel:             I know that Leesha . . . but where, . . exactly . . is the spaceship?


Leesha:            That’s easy its . . . (thinks) . . . Oh yeh, Freddy, Miranda, Ronnie . . . You like never exactly told us where you put the spaceship.


Miranda:          That’s what we were trying to tell you . . . The spaceship hasn’t been built yet.


Leesha, shock:  Not built yet? . . .


Lionel:             Come on guys! . . . How do you expect we are going to go to the moon on a spaceship that hasn’t been built yet?


Leesha:            That is like plain silly talk Miranda!


Ronnie:            We first have to create the spaceship.


Lionel:             We can likely help you do that! . .  I can borrow my Dad’s . . . (mimes hitting with a hammer) . . Bang bang thingie . .


Freddy:            That looks and sounds like it would likely be a hammer.


Leesha:            And my Dad has one of those things that you,  . . (mimes) . .  plug into the wall and it goes whirrrr . . and the little pointy-out thing goes round and round and makes a hole in stuff.


Freddy:            I am guessing that’s a drill.


Leesha:            Sounds fair. . . Now Lionel you run home and get your . . bang bang thingie . . . (mimes hammering) . . and I will get Dad’s thing that you . .  (mimes) . .  plug into the wall and it goes whirrrr . . and the little pointy-out thing goes round and round and makes a hole in stuff.


Lionel:             Sounds good to me! . . . We should have that sucker all ready to fly outta here before dinner.

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