Stages Of Messiah - Birth

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2:6-20

Theme:            Scene 1 from an 8 scene readers drama, (Stages Of Messiah), about different times in the life of Jesus and his ministry, this segment covers the birth of Jesus.
Other scenes can be ordered and staged as self-standing dramas, click on the individual item), are: dedication at the temple, 12 year old at the temple, temptation of Jesus, miracles of Jesus, Upper Room/Gethsemane, crucifixion and resurrection.


Bible Reference:          Luke 2:6-20


Cast:                3, narrator and 2 readers, male or female
plus required/desired number of actors for Tableau


Set:                  blank with 3 chairs


Sound, Costumes: standard


Lighting:          Spotlights for narrator and readers and also for Tableau. Experiment with spot colours and locations to somewhat isolate the individual readers and the tableau but to leave the overall stage rather dark. Individual reading lights for readers.


Songs:             We recommend a portion of a relevant song to be sung by congregation at the end of each scene. Use the suggested song or select a personal favorite. Our aim in the selection was to use older songs and hymns as a means of re-introduction.


Tableau:           There is a suggested tableau where an image is created with silent and frozen actors at Upstage, highlighted by spotlight, or have the image on a wall in shadows or behind scrim. For more ideas contact DramaShare.


Time:              3  (plus song)


Sample of script:


Scene I – Birth  Luke 2:6-20


TABLEAU:    Manger scene with Mary and Joseph and a shepherd


R1:                 Proclamation!


R2:                 Celebration!


R1:                 Jubilation!


Narrator:        It is the story of the journey of a life.
Not just any life.
But one life.
A life quite unique throughout history.
A death of unimaginable for it’s cruelty and vindictiveness.
Conceived and born in a manner quite unique and unusual.
A birth not in a medical care facility, not even in a house.
A birth in a drafty, dirty stable.
A birth not watched over by trained attendants, but by cattle, sheep and goats.


R1:                 Who was this child?


R2:                 What was there about this child that made it unique, unlike any of the billions of children born before or after?


R1:                 A birth predicted, prophesied, prayed for over thousands of years.
A child was to be be born in the insignificant town of Bethlehem, born to a virgin.


R2:                 A birth announced in the most angelic, dramatic and alarming manner to a young girl in the town of Nazareth.


Narrator:        Greetings highly favored one. The Lord is with you. And you shall become pregnant with the son of God. Your son, the long awaited Messiah, shall save his people from their sins.


R1:                 The young girl, surely overcome with shock, wondered, “How can I become pregnant when I have not been with a man?”


Narrator:        In God all things are possible. The Holy Spirit will come upon you and through the Holy Spirit you shall deliver a child who is the Son of God. He shall reign in power over the throne of his father David.


R2:                 To her great credit Mary did not question further, but said, “I am the servant of the Lord, let it be as you say!”


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