Stages Of Messiah - Dedication

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2:21-38

Theme:            Scene 2 from an 8 scene readers drama, (Stages Of Messiah), about different times in the life of Jesus and his ministry, this scene tells of Mary and Joseph taking Jesus to the temple where they encounter Simeon and Anna.
The other scenes, (which can be ordered and staged as self-standing dramas, click on the individual item), are: birth, 12 year old at the temple, temptation of Jesus, miracles of Jesus, Upper Room/Gethsemane, crucifixion and resurrection.


Bible Reference:          Luke 2:21-38


Cast:                3, narrator and 2 readers, male or female
plus required/desired number of actors for Tableau


Set:                  blank with 3 chairs


Sound, Costumes: standard


Lighting:          Spotlights for narrator and readers and also for Tableau. Experiment with spot colours and locations to somewhat isolate the individual readers and the tableau but to leave the overall stage rather dark. Individual reading lights for readers.


Songs:             We recommend a portion of a relevant song to be sung by congregation at the end of each scene. Use the suggested song or select a personal favorite. Our aim in the selection was to use older songs and hymns as a means of re-introduction.


Tableau:           For each scene there is a suggested tableau where an image is created with silent and frozen actors at Upstage, highlighted by spotlight, or have the image on a wall in shadows or behind scrim. For more ideas contact DramaShare.


Time:              35 minutes (plus song)


Sample of script:


Scene II – Jesus Presented In The Temple Luke 2:21-38


Tableau:         Baby in arms of father and mother


R2:                 Verification!


R1:                 Confirmation!


R2:                 Dedication!


Narrator:        And so it was after the time of the mother’s 40 days of purification had gone by, the parents took the child for presentation at the temple.


R1:                 As was required they took with them two young pigeons, the required sacrifice for parents living in poverty.

Narrator:        There was a man in Jerusalem, a man of faith, who was waiting for the fulfillment, and on this day he was drawn to the temple by the Holy Spirit. Simeon was a dedicated man of God who had received God’s promise he would not die before seeing the coming of the long-promised Messiah, the one who would be the Saviour not only for the Jews but for all humanity.


R2:                 This made Simeon the first really to visualize the not-yet-stated Great Commission whereby Jesus would be the truly universal Messiah.


Narrator:        From the first instant that Simeon laid eyes on Jesus and held the baby in his arms there was no doubt this was the promised One.


R1:                 Simeon blessed the parents but also clarified that Jesus would not only bring salvation but also judgement.


R2:                 And Simeon warned Mary that the honesty of Jesus in judging humanity would bring strong reactions from the people, causing responses of anger which would be hurtful to a loving mother.

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