Stages Of Messiah - Resurrection

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 24:1-53

Theme:              This is the final scene in an 8 scene readers drama, (Stages Of Messiah) about different times in the life of Jesus and his ministry,

The scenes can be ordered and staged as self-standing dramas, (click on the individual item), are: birth, dedication at the temple, 12 year old at the temple, temptation of Jesus, miracles of Jesus, Upper Room/Gethsemane and crucifixion.


Bible Reference:          Luke 24:1-53


Cast:                 3, narrator and 2 readers, male or female

plus required/desired number of actors for Tableaus

Set:       blank with 3 chairs

Sound, Costumes: standard


Lighting:           Spotlights for narrator and readers and also for Tableau. Experiment with spot colors and locations to somewhat isolate the individual readers and the tableau but to leave the overall stage rather dark. Individual reading lights for readers.


Songs:               We recommend a portion of a relevant song to be sung by congregation at the end of each scene. Use the suggested song or select a personal favorite. Our aim in the selection was to use older songs and hymns as a means of re-introduction.


Tableau:             For each scene there is a suggested tableau where an image is created with silent and frozen actors at Upstage, highlighted by spotlight, or have the image on a wall in shadows or behind scrim. For more ideas contact DramaShare.


Time:               5 minutes  (plus song)

Sample of script:

Scene – Resurrection Luke 24:1-53


Tableau:             Man standing, two women kneeling


R2:        Elation!


R1:                   Verification!


R2:                   Celebration!


Narrator:            Early on the morning of the first day of the week some of the women made their way to the tomb where Jesus had been laid.


R1:                   Imagine the feelings of complete defeat and hopelessness which must have permeated their minds!


R2:                   Some likely vaguely remembered references Jesus had made regarding his death and something about him rising from the dead.


R1:                   But who could have hope in the face of this reality?


R2:                   The Teacher, the one they followed, believed was the Messiah . . . He was . . dead! . .  And they were alone!


R1:                   How could he allow this to happen? . . . Surely the one who created all things, who had formed the world and all the planets, could call on whatever was needed to prevent this . . .


R2:                   Maybe it was all . . .


R1:                   Perhaps we so badly wanted a Messiah that we . . .


Narrator: They asked each other . . . “Who will roll the stone away?”

But when they arrived at the tomb they saw that the stone was rolled away.


R2:                   Who had removed that very large and heavy stone from the opening to the Teacher’s tomb?


R1:                   Surely soldiers wouldn’t desecrate a tomb! . .(thinks) . . But then, these were the same soldiers who had mocked him on the cross, even gambled for his clothing!


R2:                   Cautiously, fearfully they entered the tomb . . .


R1:                   There on the ledge were the burial cloths, the ones which had wrapped Jesus’ beaten body last night.


R2:                   And there they saw a young man, dressed all in radiant white, smiling . .


R1:         And they were frightened! . . . Yet defiant!


Narrator:            Where have you taken our Lord?


R2:                   How could you do such a despicable thing?


R1:        The angel spoke softly to calm the women.

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