Judy’s Views from Her RV Window – My Ramblings

With my first cup of coffee in hand I can watch the residents of the RV park walking by.

We usually don’t know their names or their jobs, (if they have an outside careers), so my imagination takes over and I “create” lives for them! I’m not presuming to do my precious God’s job, just having fun with the virus isolation.

Wilbur, (retired, across the lane), has gone for his daily bike ride. He is a long time widower, appears to have adapted to a manageable way of life. iPad, iPhone and daily walks dictating his life. I want so badly to send some muffins over but am reminded that I can’t share at this point. How sad.

A lady walks by twice daily. We know from past visiting she is dealing with a very sick husband. He’s dealing with advanced cancer. Tempting to go out and hug her, but I can’t.  How sad.

A younger man walks by with his beautiful big dog, (one of many people doing that). He’s always alone. Is there a story to tell? We don’t know. How sad.

A fellow sits in his truck day after day, talks on his cell endlessly, smokes endlessly. We chatted with him a while back. We mentioned that we noticed that his main “domain” is his truck cab. He replied that he had no choice because his sister owns the RV and he has a pet cat and wouldn’t dare subject them to first hand smoke!!!! The irony is he works for a charitable organization that helps homeless people make their lives better! One would ask “what’s the matter with this picture?”  How sad.

On the other hand, (the non-coffee-holding one), I’m watching my lovely robins building their nests.  I’m watching a mighty eagle circling to watch for prey. I’m watching dogs with their owners enjoying their many daily walks. I see such love exchanged between them.  How wonderful!

I see public servants pleasantly serving us. Bus drivers, taxi drivers, couriers, landscape workers.  We are blessed.

Getting back to the variety of dogs that pass by my window. I see trust in their eyes, and love.

Unconditional love.

That’s what we see in our precious Savior. Trust and unconditional love.

In this time of great uncertainty and, yes, a level of fear, we must lay our concerns at His feet. He is in control, all will be well. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s called . . . FAITH!

Well, I see our neighbour has returned from his daily bicycle ride. That’s my cue to pour another cup of coffee and think about preparing breakfast. My dear husband has learned to be patient.

I’m blessed.

Yes, all is well!

Inside, and, outside, our beautiful home on wheels!

Numbers 24: v 5-6 NIV

How beautiful are your tents, Jacob, your dwelling places, Israel!
Like valleys they spread out, like gardens beside a river,
like aloes planted by the Lord, like cedars beside the waters.

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