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Think about it. If you and I were starting a secular organization we would spend a good deal of time on the organizational side of things, the reason being that if we don’t the business will likely fail. Why is it that we don’t devote the same amount of care and attention when we initiate a ministry in the church?

It is true that God does, and will, lead. But we must do our part to create a sustainable, focused and well-balanced organizational structure for the ministry. And that is what the DramaShare Organizational manual is all about, guiding you and assisting as a strong ministry is built.

The concepts and ideas in the DramaShare Organizational Manual have been developed, tested and re-shaped in ministries all over the world. This manual is now in it’s third version and the concepts have been created and modified over the past 20 years. This is not a philosophical document, it is a working plan for a successful ministry.

In our church several years ago we had a situation where many people had no personal part in active ministry. When it came to ministry these were the “partakers”, not the “givers”. Naturally, some were partakers simply because they weren’t prepared to give of themselves and their time. (And these people have remained as partakers in spite of various initiatives we have tried). But some people were partakers because they really didn’t have a ministry opportunity for which they were trained and capable. They weren’t the teacher or preacher type. And, in many cases, they were “musically challenged”. (Translated: couldn’t sing if life depended on it).

So, when we initiated Christian drama ministry in our church several years ago, we had several objectives in mind:

  • A new, exciting method of worshiping God,
  • A ministry where all persons: the young and the old, the musically talented and the musically “challenged”, could all be involved,
  • An opportunity for the under-utilized members of the church to find a personal ministry in which they could participate.

And it is on the basis that the DramaShare Organizational Manual is written.

The purpose of this manual is to assist you in organizing, or re-organizing, a creative arts ministry in your church.

This manual is available:

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