Meeting Between Two Mothers

Dear followers of DramaShare;

My name is Judy Alexander and with my husband John, we more than 30 years ago were mysteriously led to Christian drama. To be honest it was not something we planned, but happenings since then have proven that it was God’s plan!

Fast forward to today we have become the largest Christian drama  resource centre in the world. What an opportunity, what a responsibility, what a ministry! What a blessing from God.

In this series of blogs, I will be highlighting some of my personal favorite scripts and manuals.

One script stands out in my mind even though I have 2000+ DramaShare scripts to enjoy I’m compelled to talk about motherhood. Mary(mother of Jesus) and Rebecca (mother of Judas) had to deal with the raising of their two precious sons.

“A Meeting Between Two Mothers” is a story for all times and all seasons: Mother’s Day, Easter, communion (Eucharist). This drama would fit nicely in anywhere in the year.

Picture them as childhood friends, separated by life then reunited through the circumstances of their sons, only to be impacted by the cruelty of the crucifixion.

As you read this heartbreaking story, one cannot help but understand a mother’s questioning and deep pain.

This is an easily staged drama with some portions pre-recorded with minimal set requirements. The drama flows through the interaction between the mothers, on to the Upper Room Last Supper scene, and culminating in the congregational service of communion.

Widely used throughout the world and highly effective in all denominations.

Hope you enjoy Judy’s pick.

To access this script click here

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