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Join with the fastest growing Christian Drama Resource ministry in the world by becoming a DramaShare member today! 

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DramaShare membership gives you full, and free, access to all on-line scripts, (currently over 2,000 scripts and growing every week), for the full 12 month period of your membership.
As a DramaShare member there is no charge, (and no royalty or performance fee), for scripts, and there is no maximum number of scripts you can use in a 12 month period. All scripts are wide open, so you can search, read, print off or download any script in the DramaShare archive.
And we are available to work one on one with DramaShare members. If you can't find that "right" script give us a call or send a note and we will compile a list of the scripts which we think would work best for you. It's part of our service.
If you are a DramaShare member and have written a script which you wish to share with others around the world, you may submit your script for consideration for publishing on the DramaShare site.

Membership Renewal

We believe that the long-term supporters of this ministry should receive preference, so all DramaShare members who renew their membership prior to expiration date receive a discounted renewal price!

In the "Member's Assistance" area under the "My Account" link, DramaShare members will find relevant information on all aspects of initiating and operating a Christian Drama Ministry, (particularly in the smaller church or group).

Here are some of the features available at no charge to DramaShare members:

So . . . DramaShare membership means MUCH more than just scripts!

If our DramaShare members don't find the script they need we can usually custom write a script for them. Send us a note with suggestions for new scripts, this means you, (along with other members worldwide), have direct input into future scripts.

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NOTE: if your DramaShare membership is allowed to lapse all scripts, in hardcopy or electronic format, must be destroyed.

Membership Options

You have your choice of membership by itself or membership plus one or more of our "How-to" manuals, (Click here for a list of the membership and manual combinations available).  

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In addition to working in over 6,000 churches, large and small, around the world, we are blessed to work in schools, colleges, groups aqnd with individual performers.

Materials are put here for the use of all. We trust you find these materials helpful in your own ministries. We do ask, however, that you, in turn support us through your membership in DramaShare.

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This attractive logo has been designed to identify those groups and individuals who have purchased memberships in DramaShare. This logo may be displayed on member's websites, bulletins, letterhead and other printed materials. Members may request their Membership Logo by clicking here.

NOTE: this is a copyrighted logo and may be used only by those ministries which are current and paid-up DramaShare members.

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