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Cross-cultural outreach covers short-term missions work around the world, but it also is meant for more local situations, such as inner-city outreach or prison ministry. The methods in 3C will walk amateurs through the "need-to-know" without long periods of study and research.
The 3C Manual gives full instructions on team building, warmup games, characterization, training schedules and mime essentials.
3C Cross-Cultural Creativity Manual includes an annual DramaShare membership giving you one full year of full and totally cost-free use of all DramaShare scripts, including many non-verbal dramas written specifically for the 3C program.
By using the 3C program you have full, and totally free use of all on-line DramaShare scripts, including a wide range of mime and human video scripts.
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The 3C Manual is downloaded from our website saving you time.

  • Membership Price: $109.00
  • Non-Membership Price: $119.00

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