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He equips the called!

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An affordable 5 day VBS program includes full 12 months of DramaShare membership, giving you full access to all 2,000+ scripts online

"The SS Zark - God's Wonderful Creatures" is a comprehensive 300+ page, 5 day (plus closing session) program which features drama, storytelling, puppetry, games, activities, food ideas and many original songs.
This program is easily adaptable, allowing your church to scale back or expand on the program.
Each day a different "creature" is the focus, these include beaver, monkey, lion, dog and butterfly. Themes and activities, along with Bible study, are based on the characteristics of the "creature", (example, the beaver builds his house on the solid lake bottom so nothing can destroy it).

For a sample of the SS Zark VBS Manual click here

The SS Zark VBS Program is downloaded to your computer

  • Membership Price: $129.00
  • Non-Membership Price: $149.00

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