Beautiful Feet

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:3 min.

Bible Reference: Romans 10:15

Categories: Missions, Monologue
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A short monolog to encourage those who are going on a missions trip.
Change the relevant details as to country where the missions team is going and what is the project they are undertaking.
Could also be used as a sermon starter or general drama.

Bible Reference:     Romans 10:/p>


Cast:        1 (male or female, any age)


Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes:    standard


Time:       3




actor comes on stage, wanders around, suddenly “sees” someone in the congregation, speaks


Hey, how are you? . . . I hear that you and a buncha folks are like goin’ on this missions trip!


Incredible opportunity doncha think? . . Bet you are some excited . .  and scared too, a bit . . .


Hey you will be just fine is what.


starts to walk away, comes back, shares a “secret”


Did you know that you have beautiful feet? . . .  Well, fact is you do for sure.


Oh sure, you might think: hey I have this bump on my big toe . .  or maybe you went and wore some shoes that were like too small and you got this blister . .  or you have this pokey toenail . . .


But the fact is . .  you do have really gorgeous beautiful feet!


OK, so now I can just hear you ask . .  how can I, sitting way back where I am, go and know you have beautiful feet, being as how I maybe never like for sure just went and saw your feet up close and all . .


Does not matter even one little bit . .  I have it on awesome authority that you have the most beautifulest feet ever seen in this whole world and in like forever history.


Now you go and ask just who is this great authority and all . .  I am gonna like flat out tell ya OK? . . . (Even though seems to me you ask a ton of questions, but be that as it may) . .  I am gonna like tell you just what is this awesome authority that lets me know you got these wonderful incredibleistic beautiful feet!


Fact is it was a friend’a mine, name’a Paul who went and wrote this here letter to a bunch’a Roman guys, long time ago. This Paul guy he was heavy into doing mission work too, same as you are, fact is. Anyhow this fella Paul he went and he wrote and said, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”


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