A Childs View Of God

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 18:2-4

Categories: Children, Puppet
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a child's perspective of what God is all about
This was originally written for Crossover Atlanta. But it can be used for any event, even worship service. Feel free to change it to fit your occasion.

Characters: 1 person & 1 puppet

Sample of script

Person: Susie? Where are you? (She is holding some cards with questions on them to interview the puppet)
Susie: (enters) Hi! (She suddenly sees the audience and her mouth drops open & she stares in fright) WHO ARE ALL THESE BIG PEOPLES?
Person: They’re our guests, Susie. They are here for (church or whatever occasion you like) .
Susie: Oh………… Why?
Person: Well, it’s a time for the people in our denomination to get together to ( whatever fits)
Susie: I gots a denomination. See! (She pulls out a dollar bill)
Person: No, Susie, not that kind of denomination. The (Southern Baptist) denomination.
Susie: Whs’sat? Is it bigger than a 10 dollar bill? I once gotta 10 dollar bill from my uncle.
Person: Let’s leave your uncle out of this. He’s …
Susie: (Interrupting) WHATS those cards for?
Person: They’re just some questions I want to ask you.
Susie: (Panics) QUESTIONS?!?!?!? Is this a TEST? I didn’t know I was takin’ a test!!!! I didn’t study! I dunno the answers! I don’t even know the questions! I thought school was out!!!!!!
Person: Susie, calm down! It’s okay, you know this subject. We study about it every Sunday in Sunday School. It’s about God.
Susie: Ohhhhhhhhhh. Okay. I know lots about God. Fire away!
Person: Okay, can you tell us what the first commandment was?
Susie: That’s easy! The first commandment was when Eve told Adam to eat that apple.
Person: Yes, well …… I think we’d better try something different. How about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. What do you know about that?
Susie: I know ‘bout Lot! He had a wife! She was a pillar of salt by day an’ a ball o’ fire by night!
Person: A ball of fi…. ah, Susie, I think we’d better go back a bit. Just what have you learned about God?
Susie: He’s the Creator of the world, an’ the stars, an’ the peoples, an’ the animals, an’ the merry-go-rounds, an’…
Person: Merry-go-rounds, Susie?
Susie: Sure! An’ I really likes ‘em too. ‘Cept when I just had a hot dog, then I throw up!
Person: Okaaay. Well, what else does God do, since He’s through creating the world?
Susie: Wellllll, one of God’s main jobs is makin’ peoples. He makes ‘em to replace the ones that die, so there’ll be enough people to take care of things on earth.
Person: You mean like He made Adam and Eve?
Susie: (giggling) Naaahhh, silly! He don’t make grown up peoples…..just BABIES! That’s ‘cause they’re smaller an’ easier to make. That way, He doesn’t have to take up His val-loo-able time teahcin’ ‘em to talk an’ walk. He leaves that to the mommies an’ daddies.

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