A Christmas Passed

Cast Number: 30

Run-time:90 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

Categories: Bible Characters, Children, Christmas, Dinner Theatre, Family, Sunday School
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Is Christmas still relevant? 3 central characters, a Christmas pageant, a contemporary skit on dealing with the devil and a monologue on excluding Jesus provide the storyline
This 90 minute drama in segmented form allows rehearsal and preparation with small groups. The size and makeup of the choir is optional, choir and cast can be combined.
Set design and decoration can be as elaborate or basic as desired / required. See Stage Plan on page 21.
Sound capabilities are very minimal although lapel mikes would be useful.
Lighting will add to the flow of the drama as we have used lighting to separate and announce each segment.
Park Bench scene props: park bench, snow, newspaper.
It is important that each upcoming segment is in place and ready to go when cue comes up. Make sure that the movements are quiet and that all actors are silent when not performing.

(most could be either male or female)

Park Bench Cast
Uncle Johnnie – older person
Don – late teen to mid twenties
Ann - late teen to mid twenties

The Christmas Pageant
This could use a minimum of ten to any large number of actors

He Set Me Free
Person #2
Person #3

The Angel And His Mission
Can be monologue or may be mimed with additional 3 actors

Sample of script

Johnnie comes on stage, goes to park bench, knocks snow off with his newspaper, sits down.
Woman and children walk by, wave, say “Merry Christmas”, walk on.
Johnnie sits, reads his newspaper, Don and Ann come on stage, don’t notice Johnnie.

Johnnie: Don! Hello Don, Merry Christmas!

Don: Oh, Uncle Johnnie, didn’t see you. How are you? Oh, this is my friend, Ann. Ann, I’d like you to meet my Uncle Johnnie.

Johnnie: Good to meet you Ann.

Ann: Hi, sir.

Johnnie: Oh, don’t worry about the “sir” thing. Just call me Uncle Johnnie, everyone does.

Don: How are you, Uncle Johnnie?

Johnnie: Fine. Fine. And you, how about you?

Don: Oh, OK I guess. At least I will be by the time I get Christmas out of the way.

Johnnie: Out of the way? You talk as though Christmas is nothing more than an inconvenience.

Don: And? In my life right now it’s a big inconvenience. I can’t wait until it’s over.

Johnnie: Oh, my, my, that’s not a good way to think of Christmas. Christmas is to celebrate, to enjoy. Not to dread.

Don: That may be, in a perfect world. But in case you hadn’t noticed, this is not a perfect world that we live in.

Johnnie: Yes, yes, matter of fact, I have noticed that. But I can’t quite see Christmas being the cause of the world’s imperfections.

Don: Look, I’ve got to go, I have to get back to study for my final university exams. I’ve been up all night studying, only got two hours sleep.

Johnnie: Don, that’s not good! That kind of cramming isn’t going to help get better marks, you are going to be too exhausted to think. Look, you and your friend sit down here with your old uncle, and we’ll watch the Christmas In The Park celebration. There is supposed to be some carols and the kids are going to do an old fashioned Christmas pageant.

Don: Old fashioned Christmas pageant? Do they still do those? Anyhow, I don’t have the time. Besides, if I sat down, I would likely fall asleep.

Johnnie: Might be the best thing that could happen to you at the moment. But, anyhow, I do insist, sit, for a few minutes, please.

Don: Well, OK, for a minute. But it’ll be your fault if I flunk engineering.Johnnie: Fine, I’ll take the responsibility for whatever happens. Just sit. Enjoy. ‘Tis the season!

Don and Ann sit down, lights down on park bench, up on stage where carolers sing Silent Night. Following carol, lights down on stage, up on park bench.

Johnnie: Beautiful! Just beautiful, isn’t it Don?

Don: Yeh, I suppose.

Johnnie: You didn’t enjoy the singing? I thought they were really good. It’s the choir from church. Sorry you dropped out of the choir, Don. We miss your strong voice.

Don: Want to tell me where I would get time for choir? My plate is rather full, between university and two part time jobs.

Johnnie: Maybe too full, son. Haven’t seen you in church in months. Surely you have time for that.

Ann: Church? You didn’t tell me you went to church, Don.

Don: Look, Uncle Johnnie, fact is I don’t have time. Besides, I really don’t see any relevance in church in today’s world. I know church is important for you, and always has been, and that’s great. But it’s not for me.

Johnnie: Not relevant? Really?

Don: No, sorry, but it isn’t. It’s like the carol they just sang.

Johnnie: Silent Night. Yes, beautiful!

Don: Beautiful, maybe; relevant, no. “Sleep in heavenly peace”? When’s the last time you’ve felt anything approaching “heavenly peace”?

Johnnie: Well, fact is, I’ve felt heavenly peace just listening to that carol, and also from sitting here with you, Don.

Don: Get serious! There is nowhere you can go in this world and feel a sense of peace. If it’s not actual warfare going on, it’s countries getting ready for warfare. Even right here at home, if what we are going through is heavenly peace, I say, no thanks! Peace only exists in minds which refuse to see reality.

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