A Clear and Compelling Call

Cast Number: 13

Run-time:25 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 28:16

Categories: Missions
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4 short sketches on missions using the themes: to pray, to celebrate, to go and to give

Conduct of Characters -
Theme 1: All actors should be talking "as though in a whisper", projecting well enough to be heard. A key of this scene is the strength in the voice of Beth. Beth should be in profile or possibly even facing upstage, with back to the audience.
- Theme 2: High tempo excitement, progressing to more somber contemplative action.
- Theme 3: The key is the contrast of Diana and Ernie versus Lorna and Bill. Diana should have a high pitched, excited voice. Ernie should give the impression he is about to fall asleep any moment. Lorna and Bill have crisp, happy voices throughout.
- Theme 4: Father is a "take charge" kind of guy who is out to prove to his family that he is not to be trifled with by anyone. However his basic good nature does come through before the close of the script. Be very careful how this turnaround in attitude happens with the Father, it should look gradual in order to be believable. The Son needs to be a strong character, quickly and smoothly throwing out his lines. The supportive acting of the family are very important to keep attention on Father. As Father is talking to Mom on the phone the family will slowly come up and stand beside him, Mother will put her hand on his shoulder. This is done in order to help "convert" Father's image from a non-giving, uncaring character to a warm and loved person.
Note: In all skits ensure that actors leave stage area quickly upon completion of their parts.

Beth - in prayer throughout the skit

Sample of script

As the scene opens Beth is sitting alone at an extreme upstage right position, in prayer.

Beth: "Father I pray that you will bless our missionaries as they spread your word throughout the world. Give them strength and protection. Guide their efforts that they may truly make a difference in the lives of those with whom they labor."

As Beth remains in a praying position, the other actors enter the room at the extreme downstage left position. They look toward Beth, Larry motions to the others to not to make any noise. These characters talk "as though in whispers" while, interspersed through their conversation, Beth continues with her prayer.

Larry: Be quiet guys, Beth is praying."

Ann: Praying? But it's not time for bed, and it's not even meal time!"

Larry: "Who says you should only pray at certain times of the day?"

Beth: "Thank you, Father, that our missionaries have sensed your clear and compelling call to minister in the many areas throughout the world."

Phil: "Missionaries. You know I have often wondered how anyone could possibly make the decision to move half way across the world to be a missionary."

Ann: "Me too. Why would you want to leave your family and friends and go to work for such low salaries? I mean I can understand going to developing countries to work in high paying jobs. But as a missionary?"

Phil: "But for what? What good do they do? I mean, really? And even if they do, who really knows or sees?

Beth: "Only You, Father, know of the wonders which are being done in the lives of countless thousands, because of the selfless service of your servants. We thank you for their faithfulness."

Harriet: "Faithfulness! Man, it must take a very special person to be a missionary!

Larry: "I think it is great and all that, that we have people who are prepared to give up their lives and go out on missions. I mean, I have even thought sometimes of being a missionary. But how do you know if you are, you know, called by God to be a missionary?"

Beth: I pray Father, that you will bring workers to your harvest, that you will provide a clear and compelling call to your people, that they will respond to that call. Let those who hear your call prepare themselves for your service."

Ann: "Preparing for His service. I'm just not sure that I could do it. I mean, do I have any special gifts to offer?"

Phil: "Well I know that I'm not prepared to give up a good job here in (name of city) to go on missions. I can understand someone who is out of work going on missions. After all, what have they got to lose? But to give up everything and go?"

Beth: "Father, You call Your best. Show them that You will provide for their needs. Help those whom You call to trust in the plan which You have for their lives."

Harriet: "I find it really scary, but I can't seem to get my mind off the people in Eastern Europe. You don't suppose. . . . . I mean, you don't think that this is God's call, do you?"

Larry: "How would you know if it was God's call? I mean, it's not like there would be fireworks and stuff."

Beth: "Guide those who seek Your will, Lord, as they search for answers. Lead them to prayer, since it is in prayer that Your will becomes known to man."

Ann: "Seems like you've got your answer, Larry. Prayer. That's how we know."

Phil: "You mean, like right now?"

Harriet: "Let's go back to my place to pray. I wanted to show you some information about Russia. You know, there really are great needs there.

(All characters except Beth start to move off stage). I was just thinking. Wouldn't it be great if we could all go, you know, like a team."

Phil: "Yeah, I suppose my boss would give me some time off. You know, come to think of it, missions would be kind of interesting."

After the actors are off stage, Beth continues, "Thank You, Lord, that you answer prayer and that You provide workers for the harvest. Amen."

Beth rises and leaves stage.

The end

Theme three - to celebrate

- Charlie
- Janet
- Norm
- Ralph
- Amanda

As this scene opens a group of people come on stage, obviously coming from a football game. They have banners and pom-poms in hand. They act from extreme upstage right position.

Charlie, Wasn't that an awesome game?

Janet: Absolutely fantastic! Who said that the Roughriders would lose to the Eskimos!

Norm: Wasn't that some call by Austin in the last play of the game? Some quarterback!

Amanda: I don't know about you, but I'm frozen! Anyone for hot chocolate?

Ralph: That's a great idea, Amanda! Let's celebrate the Roughrider's win with hot chocolate!

Janet: Let me help you, Amanda.

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