A Cowboy Lesson

Cast Number: 8

Run-time:40 min.

Bible Reference: Romans 13:9

Categories: Puppet
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God’s commandments are a lot more simple that many people believe. God has plainly laid it out how He wants us to live our lives.

Key words: God’s commands puppet children western pride love lying never leaving stand up


This puppet drama involves eight people, male or female. Also, there will be a small western band needed, (using real people or puppets with taped music), which can involve as many people as you like.

-Scout, a native American/Canadian, speaks very rigidly, with brief breaks in between his words.

-Hollister is a tough, sure of himself kind of guy. He feels he knows the west inside and out.

-Doc tends to be incredibly skeptical about most situations. His voice would take on a whiny tone, to reflect his uncooperativeness.

-Patterson is totally out of place in the wild west. He is incredibly smart, but lacks necessary survival skills needed in the old west. His voice should be high and squeaky.

-Gilroy is a big loveable guy that often forgets his brain at home! His speech should be slow to reflect that of someone lacking in smarts! He could talk with a stutter or lisp.

-Marshall Dilton is a level –headed person who refuses to take sides with anyone. He desperately wants to be everybody’s best friend.

-Sport has the biggest ego in the west! His voice should be deep and booming. If possible, he should have a mirror attached to his hand, to reflect his deep admiration for himself.

-Darcy always wants the attention to be on him, therefore he should be quite loud.


A large puppet stage will be needed, if available, as all eight puppets may be on stage during some points. It would be great if there could be some hay bales set around the edges of the puppet stage and maybe a wagon wheel, etc. to give it a western feel, (or, alternatively this could be a painted set). The puppets will be staying around the campfire for the entire drama, so the set can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it.

To the immediate stage right, there should be a small band set up. The band’s set should as well have some hay bales, wagon wheels, etc, (or painted set).


Speakers will each need a boom mount microphone, or a headset microphone for each speaker if available.

Proper sound for the band will be needed as well.


Scout should be dressed as a native American/Canadian, with a feather in his headband, etc. Patterson should have a suit and tie, and even a briefcase attached to his hand.

Marshall Dilton should have a sheriff’s badge on his shirt. The rest of the puppets should be in western wear, with hats, bandanas around their necks, and the band should also be in western wear complete with cowboy boots, if available.


One spotlight on the puppet stage and one spot light on the band would be best.

Scene 1


Scene opens as light comes up on the puppet stage. The band is in darkness right now. Hollister, Scout and Doc enter the puppet stage from stage left. Hollister begins speaking as soon as he is on stage. Others speak as they file in.

Hollister Hoo-wee! Am I bushed!

Scout, (always speaks very rigid) Yes. Scout bushed too.

Doc Don’t you think we otta stop pretty soon? I mean fer pete’s sake, this just ain’t healthy anymore!

Hollister Oh, Doc, ya big ol’ lug! You can’t stop worryin’ ‘bout us, can ya?

Doc You really are dumber than a fence post, ain’t you, Hollister? I said this just ain’t healthy anymore cuz I’m gettin’ tired of always riding the horse that had beans for lunch!

Hollister and Scout chuckle to themselves.

Scout Scout get you scarf to cover nose?

Doc I don’t need no scarf! I want some rest and some fresh air for once! By the way – where in tarnation are we?

Hollister We’z ‘xactly where we’z s’possed ta’ be.

Doc You got no idea where we are, do you?

Hollister, (shocked) What? Well I’ll be tarred and feathered if I don’t know where we are! I know ‘xactly where we are!

Scout Scout little worried, Hollister. Scout think we be traveling in circle shapes long, long time.

Hollister Now wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute! I am the finest cowboy in all the west. I’ve rode up into these hills more times than any of you can count!  I know every rock on every one of these trails . (looks down as he is talking) oh – I ain’t never seen no rock like that there before.

Doc What? You lilly-livered, no good, empty headed, hombre! Admit it – you forgot to bring the map!

Hollister, very hurt Now wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute! I am the finest cowboy in all the west. I’ve rode up into these hills more times than . . .

Scout interrupts Hollister. Scout Scout think you already try that line.


Hollister Well, maybe I did forget that there map. But that don’t mean I’m lost!


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