A Different Drummer

Cast Number: 6

Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: Acts 1:8

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witnessing. While waiting for a train a man asks different passers-by what they are listening to on there Walkmans. The answers were not what he expected, especially one. One listener talks of hearing Jesus.

Sample of script:

Announcer: (over the microphone) The 2:45 train into Greensboro is now departing, thank you.

(Sound of train leaving)

(Man enters from stage right, obviously in a hurry. Stops in front of the "bench" and looks around frantically, then quickly checks his watch)

Man- Darn it! I must've just missed the train. (Agitated at his own tardiness, looks at his watch again) I've got ten minutes until the next train comes. (Looks around, sees "bench" and sits down) Oh man, I can't afford to be late again. (Puts head in hands, pauses for a second, and then sits back in exasperation)

(Passerby 1 walks on from stage left. As he passes THE MAN speaks)Man-(leans forward) Um... excuse me.

P1 (pauses, looks at man with a confused look, removes headphones) Did you say something?

Man: I was just wondering if you knew if the 2:56 train went through Greensboro or not. See, I missed the train I was supposed to take so I'm waiting for the 2:56. But I wasn't sure if it went through Greensboro.

P1 Uh... yeah, I'm pretty sure it does.

Man: Great, thanks. By the way, what's that you're listening to?

P1" Oh, this? It's Funky G's new album "Beer Drinkin', Bank Robbin', Cop Killin' Homey".

Man" Sounds violent.

P1: It's gangsta rap, that's how it's supposed to sound man.

Man:Sorry, I haven't heard much about that. Is it popular?

P1: Heck yeah man! 'Course this album ain't selling real well, but after Funky G gets out of court for those charges of bank robbery and second degree murder, the sales will skyrocket off the charts.

Man: (somewhat timid) Oh, nice to hear that... uh, nice talking to you...

P1: Yeah, sure man. (Walks off stage right)

Man: (to himself, shudders) Sheesh, scary...

(Man looks at his watch again. As he does, passerby 2 enters from stage left)

Man looks up at P2 and follows with his gaze as he/she comes nearer. P2 sits down one chair from THE MAN. Man waits for a few seconds, acting like he is looking around for a train, then speaks to P2

Man: Hi, how are-

P2: (turning down the volume on the discman) Don't try anything funny, I've got mace.

Man: (somewhat scared) I was just...uh...hmmm...never mind...(Looks around a little more, then speaks again) So...um...what are you listening to?

P2: (not looking at MAN, doesn't want to talk to him) The song "Love you Always" by Whitney Carey.

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