A Dose of Reality

Cast Number: 7

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Psalm 3:5

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Reality can be harsh…what do we do it to handle it?


Cast:        TODD








Props:       Headphones

Portable CD player



Setting:      Three different scenes


Staging:      A couch sits at stage right.  The couch should sit at an angle so the stage right of the couch is more downstage than the stage left end.  A small table with 4 chairs sits at stage left.  At upstage center sits a foosball table with one end facing the audience and the handles pointing to stage right and stage left.  The counters are set to indicate a score of 8 to 3.


If the lighting called for in the script is not available, just have actors hold a “freeze” position when their scene is not the center of attention.


Time:        10 minutes




TODD is seated at the stage right end of the couch.  He is seated at an angle facing left with his back resting against the corner of the couch.  His head is leaned back and his eyes are closed.  He wears a set of headphones that are connected to a portable CD player.  KAREN is seated in the upstage chair at the table facing the audience.  She is staring blankly into space.  ERIC stands on the stage left side of the foosball table with his hands on the offensive handles.  JOHN stands on the stage right side of the foosball table with his hands on the defensive handles.  Lights come up on the scene at stage right.  TODD bobs his head to the music and plays air guitar.  After a moment, LYNN enters from stage right carrying a loaded backpack.  She walks quickly past TODD and sits at the stage left end of the couch as she sets her backpack on the floor.


LYNN: slightly out of breath, digging in her backpack

Sorry I’m late…got snagged by Kathy.  Anyway, let’s get to work.


TODD is not aware of LYNN.  She pulls a textbook out of her backpack and looks at TODD.


LYNN:       Todd?  (No response.  Louder) Todd?  (Still no response.  Practically yelling) Todd!


LYNN still can’t get TODD’s attention so she leans over and pulls one end of the headphones away from TODD’s ear and yells…


LYNN:       Yo, Todd!


TODD is startled and rips the headphones from his head.


TODD: with an attitude

What is your problem?


LYNN:       Sorry…it was the only way I could get your attention.


TODD: still with an attitude

Yeah, well what do you want?


LYNN: confused

I thought we were going to study for the geography exam tomorrow.


TODD:       What would be the point?


LYNN:       Um…getting good grades so we can keep up our GPA’s in order to get scholarships.


TODD:       Okay…so we get great scholarships to top-notch universities.  Then what?


LYNN:       What is with you?


TODD:       Just been thinking.  I’ve worked my butt off all my life to get really good grades so I can get a college degree and get a high-paying job.  And then what happens?


LYNN: sarcastic

Gee, I don’t know.  Maybe so we can be happy and set for life?


TODD:       So being slaves to high-paying jobs is what is going to make us happy?


LYNN:       Well…I…


TODD:       Sorry…I don’t see how knowing the location and population of Indonesia has anything to do with my being happy.


TODD places the headphones back on his head, closes his eyes, leans his head back and returns to playing air guitar.  LYNN just sits there, lost in thought and confusion.  Lights fade on stage right scene as they come up on KAREN and stage left scene.  KAREN continues to stare off into space.  After a moment, LISA enters from stage left.


LISA: as she sits in the stage left chair

There you are!  I’ve been looking all over for you.  What are you doing sitting back here all by yourself?


KAREN doesn’t respond.


LISA:        Karen?  (Still no response.  Waves a hand in front of KAREN’s face.) Hello…earth to Karen.


KAREN: suddenly snaps back to reality

Huh?  Oh, hey, Lisa.

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