A Faith Worth Imitating

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Hebrews 13:7

Categories: Family, Seniors
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This puppet / ventriloquist script (could be used as a regular script) reminds us to remember the faith of our leaders in the church.
Useful for seniors functions or church gatherings.

Cast: 2 (old man puppet (Pastor Clamwell) and puppeteer/ventriloquist (Edna))

Sound: Original song lyrics to the tune of Rainbow Connection, midi file available at no charge to DramaShare members at our site, “TECHNICAL HELP” under “Script Songs”.

Sample of script:

Edna and Henry come on stage

Edna: Isn’t this just lovely Pastor Clamwell?

Henry: Is Clamwell here? . . I really must speak to him, it’s been a while . .

Edna: Uhh, Pastor Clamwell, uhh . . you are .. Pastor Clamwell.

Henry: I knew that . . . I knew that . . (looks around at Edna) . .. Have we met?

Edna: Pastor Clamwell, I am your friend Edna, remember?

Henry: Oh that friend Edna, I thought you were my other friend name of . . .

Edna: Edna.

Henry: Oh I would know you anywhere . . uhh . .

Edna: Edna.

Henry, looks around: Who’s this bunch?

Edna: Oh Pastor Clamwell, isn’t it wonderful, being here at the Florida Baptist Convention.

Henry: Got some mileage on them, these folks, ain’t they?

Edna: That's not nice Pastor Clamwell! . .

Henry: See that guy there, may not be over the hill but likely can see the summit without wearin’ his glasses, you ask me.

Edna: Well some of the folks here are retired, just like you Pastor Clamwell.

Henry: You saying that I am retired?

Edna: Well yes you are Pastor Clamwell, you’ve been retired going on seven years now, remember?

Henry: Guess that explains why my keys didn’t work on the church doors yesterday.

Edna: Isn’t it wonderful, a roomful of Baptists?

Henry: Let’s have some fun with them, OK?

Edna: Some fun?

Henry: Yeh, you start singin’ and I’ll tell them to go grab their partner for the next dance.

Edna: Oh Pastor!

Henry: Pastor and his wife in North Dakota got kicked outta the church last winter.

Edna: Oh no! . . . What did they do to get kicked out of the church?

Henry: Pastor and his wife walked into the church, their boots was covered with snow, so they stomped their feet to get rid of the snow, folks in church thought they was dancin’.

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