A Fathers Faith

Cast Number: 30

Run-time:60 min.

Bible Reference: Psalm 3:3

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A very hard-hitting drama tells of a boy who brings his friend to a church concert, the friend finds more than what he is looking for. Some common music used. Good for Fathers Day or any season

The drama is a follow-up to the drama, "Reaching Out - Reaching Back". The drama will again feature the two boys, Johnathan and Rocky, and will add Rocky's father, Mike Johnstone. This drama can be used at any time of the year but is particularly appropriate for Father's Day.

Entire drama takes place in church sanctuary where a Father's Day program is being staged. The key to the success of the entire presentation is in making the Three Actors Segments real and believable. There has to be a very gradual but definite switch in Mike's attitude from one of a tough, uncaring person to that of a repentant father. Be careful not to make this look staged or comic.

There will be a raised stage approx. four feet high at Upstage Center from which Abraham and also the singer in the Bellwether Father segment will act. Where possible there should be a cross just behind this acting location, have the cross behind a screen of scrim in order that the cross is invisible while lights are shining from the front. Later in the drama lights will be turned on behind the scrim which will make the cross visible.

As well there will be an area at extreme Upstage Left just in front of the first row of pews, where three chairs will be mounted. Mike will sit in the position most Upstage, (next to wall), Rocky next Downstage to Mike and Johnathan furthest Downstage, (closest to audience). This area will be at three height levels: Johnathan's area will be built up approx. six inches off the floor, Rocky's approx. twelve inches off the floor and Mike's approx. eighteen inches off the floor. In this way the three actors will be visible to all the audience at all times. The wall behind the three actors should be white in order that the actors, and their silhouettes will be very visible.

Slides will be needed for the words to "Faith of Our Fathers", including an invitation for the congregation to stand and join in the singing of this hymn. (See Appendix A).


Since the three actors will be moving from the foyer to the sanctuary, remote mikes are recommended for each actor. Abraham could use a remote or a well concealed stationary mike.

All hymns should be taped, without instrumental accompaniment, using an all-male choir. Note that the hymns should be played at a rather low level, giving the impression that these songs are memories which Mike is experiencing. Mike should be giving the impression that he is fighting these memories, this done by fidgeting, rising very slowly to his feet while the choir is singing, etc.


Five separate lighting areas: a light mounted at the back of the sanctuary which will light the aisle down which the actors enter the sanctuary, the three actors location, extreme downstage right where a Bible and guitar will be seen in the last scene, the main stage where the majority of the action will take place and the raised stage where Abraham and the singer will perform. Use somewhat subdued lighting in all cases except for the Free Choice hospital waiting room segment, where the lighting will be very bright.


Mike will be dressed somewhat shabbily,
to a somewhat lesser degree so will Rocky.
Johnathan dressed more richly to denote a higher income level family.
Abraham should be in bible period costume, should have a grey beard.
Nurse in Free Choices segment should be in uniform, stethoscope, clipboard.
All other actors will be in normal attire.


Park bench used in Bellwether segment is covered with a colorful throw for the livingroom scenes in Earring and Father's Gifts segments and with a white throw for the Free Choices hospital waiting room segment. Therefore the park bench will not ever need to be removed from stage.

Sample of script:

Mike has been coerced by Rocky to come to the Father's Day service at church. Through the course of the drama it comes out that Mike attended church as a younger person. Some situation in his past caused him to leave the church very bitter about church and church-goers, (or "churchers" as Mike calls them.

As well as the two boys and Mike, the drama will center around Abraham as a father in the Bible and will contrast his situation with those of contemporary fathers. Short segments will be used to portray the various attributes, (or the abscence thereof), of a faithful father.In keeping with the theme of Mike coming back to church after many years, we will be using old, well known hymns as a major part of the presentation. Mike will find himself humming and singing along with the choir. Toward the closing of the drama Mike will stand and sing the hymn, "Faith of Our Fathers". At the conclusion the audience will be encouraged to join in on this hymn, as well all other actors will file in from rear of sanctuary during the singing of the final hymn.

Lines of three actors delivered out in the foyer will be taped in advance.

With lights off in sanctuary, tape of voices on, as Johnathan and Rocky talk in the foyer.

Rocky: D'ya think he'll come Johnathan? I mean, d'ya really?

Johnathan: Yes Rocky, I really do believe your dad will come.

Rocky: But what if he doesn't Johnathan? I mean, like how can I get my Pop to know about Jesus if he won't never even come to church? I've tried so hard to tell him, Johnathan, you know I have. But it's like he don't wanna hear. You bin there Johnathan, you know I tried!

Johnathan: Oh yes, Rocky, I know how desperately you want your dad to come to know the Lord. But remember, it is all in God's hands. We've prayed about it, now we have to leave it up to God. You have faith in God looking after this, don't you Rocky?

Rocky: Of course I do. I gave my life to Jesus, he's in control. . . . . . But Johnathan, he's my Pop! He's all I got, 'cept for you 'a course, Johnathan! Your my best friend and you brought me to Jesus. (Silence for a few seconds). 'Member that Johnathan? (Excitedly). 'Member? It was right here, wasn't it Johnathan?

Johnathan: Yes, and as I remember, Rocky, you weren't too anxious to come to church either!

Rocky, annoyed: Well I wuz scaird, OK? I'd never bin in a church before.

Johnathan starts to laugh.

Rocky: What yuh laughin' about Johnathan? What's so funny?

Johnathan: Well I was just remembering how you told me, (mimics Rocky), "I don't want ta hear no churchy stuff, OK?"

Rocky: That ain't fair Johnathan! I wuz scaird, OK? My Pop told me that you churchers do some really strange stuff, and I believed him. I didn't know no better! Wasn't my fault, OK!

Johnathan: Sorry, I know it wasn't. And things have really changed in your life since then, Rocky!

Rocky: Yeh, and I got you ta thank, Johnathan. It wuz you that brought me ta the Lord, right here, 'member. Man, it's bin great, Johnathan!

Silence for a few seconds, then Rocky starts laughing.

Johnathan: Now what are you laughing about, Rocky?

Rocky: Well, I wuz jist thinkin' about some of the things I said ta you when we went inta the church for the Sunday School, . . . .sorree, I mean, (emphasizes), Family Bible Hour Concert. 'Member, Johnathan? I said, "If these churchers start sayin' churchy stuff I'm outta here!" 'Member that Johnathan?

Both boys laugh. Silence for a few seconds.

Rocky: Why d'ya s'pose he won't come ta church, Johnathan?

Johnathan: I don't know Rocky, it's as though he's, somehow, scared. Does he ever talk about it?

Rocky: No way, he won't never talk about it! He gits real mad when I bring it up. Even when he's not drinkin', still he won't talk. And he's all I got, 'cept you Johnathan. I don't even 'member my mom.

Johnathan, excited: Rocky! Look, Rocky! He just drove up outside! He's here Rocky, your dad's here!

Rocky: Oh thank yuh, God! Thank yuh, thank yuh, thank yuh! You'll stay with me won't yuh Johnathan? Ya gotta promise, Johnathan! I mean, I don't think I kin do it alone Johnathan!

Johnathan: Yes, Rocky, I'll be right here with you, I promise!

Noise of door closing.

Mike: Look kids, I had somethin' come up. I gotta go right away, OK? So, Rocky, why don't you come home with me right now, OK?

Rocky: Oh please, Pop, the play's jist ready ta start. Come on in, jist for a little while, please, OK?

Mike: Ya heard me an' I said no! Now git out in that car an' let's git home! Do as you are told!

Johnathan: Excuse me Mr. Johnstone, but couldn't we just stay for a few minutes. I promised I'd help Rocky with a project, but first I have to see the beginning of the Father's Day Presentation inside. Please, sir, just for a few minutes. Please?

Mike: Father's Day Presentation? So there's no preachin' an' stuff then?

Johnathan: Well, no sir, there's no sermon, if that's what you mean. But it will be great!

Mike: Well, OK then, maybe just for a few minutes.

Three come into the sanctuary, Johnathan in the lead, followed by Rocky who is leading Mike by the hand. Light at back of sanctuary on, three actors walk into the lighted area.

Mike: There better not be no churchy stuff goin' on in here, cuz if there is I'm outta here, OK?

Both boys laugh.

Rocky: Sounds familiar don't it Johnathan?

Mike: What's that s'posed ta mean? And what are the two a ya laughin' at anyways?

Johnathan: Oh nothing Mr. Johnstone. Rocky just meant that all the sounds in the church today are familiar. (Lights up on three actor's location). There's three empty seats right over there, follow me, OK?

Mike: Hey! Hey! Hey! What's this? That's right up in the front row, I ain't sittin' in no front row 'a no church, OK?

Rocky: But Pop, they're the only empty seats left.

Mike: No they ain't. There's empty seats in my car outside an' I'm gonna use them!

Boys take Mike's hand. Lights come up on main stage, Earring segment.

Johnathan: Shhh! They are ready to start, let's sit down quickly!

Mike: Well, OK, but jist fer a minit! But I'm leavin' first chance I git! Ya hear me?

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