A Fathers Gifts

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:6 min.

Bible Reference: 1.John 3:17

Categories: Family, Father, Fathers Day, Sermon Starter
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Three girls discuss their fathers, and how one Dad seems to be giving "things" and gifts rather than giving "himself". A comedy with a good message

Sample of script:

When lights come up, Norma is lying on couch, reading a book. Play sound of car driving up, car horn sounds, next sound of motorcycle driving up. Norma goes to window, looks out, waves. Twila and Jenny enter stage right.

Norma: What's with the flashy car, Twila? And what's this with you riding a motorcycle, Jenny?

Twila: A present from my Dad. Guess he thought he owed me something 'cause he hasn't come to see me for over a year now. A gift of a Beamer can sure take the sting out of your parents separating!

Norma: A BMW? But that kind of car costs a fortune!

Twila: My Dad might be short on commitment but money has never been a problem!

Norma: Where is your Dad now, Twila?

Twila: The address on my birthday fax read the French Rivera.

Jenny: The French Rivera? Why didn't you tell your dad to keep the car and take you along to the French Rivera?

Twila: Something tells me that having me along would not go over too well with his new wife!

Norma: New wife? I didn't know your dad had remarried, (emphasize), again, (stutter) . . . sorry, I didn't mean to say "again", I mean . . . . . .

Twila: That's OK, Norma. This is my Dad's fourth marriage. Dad treats wives and cars in much the same way. He tends to get a new one every time a new model comes along! Dad has a thing about models!

Norma: Sorry, Twila, it must be rough for you!

Twila: Rough? Give me a break! Your parents may have been together forever, but I don't see a Beamer in your driveway! But enough about my happiness and joy, what about the wheels that Jenny is driving? Is that cool motorcycle a substitute for your fly-away father, Jenny?

Jenny: Awesome isn't it, how our fathers feel guilty about the fact that they are never around! All I have to do is get all weepy, and then just watch as the gift parade swings into high gear!

Jenny and Twila laugh, Norma looks on sadly.

Norma: I can't imagine my Dad not being around! It must be very lonely for both of you!

Jenny: Lonely? You've got to be kidding! A well placed gift here and there can sure make up for a lot of fatherly love! Remember last Christmas, how cold it was here! And, if you will recall, I spent Christmas in Hawaii! And you call that a lonely existence?

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