A Gift For The Lord

Cast Number: 10

Run-time:30 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

Categories: Christmas
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The Angel Mike and his buddy visit the wood carver who is making a Christmas gift for God. A lovely Christmas drama

Mike the Lead Angel (angel costume with large golden wings (retractable) Wears sword.
Beam the Angel trainee (angle costume smaller wings and sword.)
Janice the homeless girl, (dressed in rags and shawl)
Opah, the wood carver (dress in shirt and slacks with large apron)
Melah: Opah's wife. (Dressed in long dress and shawl.)
Husband and wife, (lady in nice long dress and shawl and man in nice pants & jacket)
Group of kids, (dressed like kids.)


Setting 1: Humble home of wood carver. Woodcarver working at bench will need to have several carvings on the shelf and the angel he is carving. He will need to have several tools and a candle or lamp. Wife sitting at kitchen table, 1 additional chair, will need to look like quaint kitchen. (Tablecloth, teapot with cups, etc.) (Try to have wood stove or fireplace) Will need tall bench for angels to stand on so they come up behind the back- drop for the house.
Setting 2: Outside of the church. You will need a large backdrop indicating the church. Homeless girl sells pencils there. (Will need pencils in a cup). Will need bench for angels to stand on behind the church backdrop.
Setting 3: Wood pile in the woods. Large potted trees to indicate woods and stack of wood. (Will need a sled to haul the wood or a sling)Props: Sewing items and basket of thread, cup of pencils, wood and wood sling, thermos and cup, stew pot, bowl and spoon. Carvings and carved angel and carving tools, swords, oil lamp.

Opah is at his bench intently carving away. Melah, his wife is sitting at the table sewing. (Have a basket of threads and such) Angels appear behind the house back -drop peering inside the house. Second angel Beam is slower getting into position. Trips and bumps into Angel Mike getting into place.

Angel Mike: Beam, careful. You must always be ready when called. You never know when the Master will call you into service.

Beam: Ready Sir! Almost ready that is. Where is my sword? Oh no! I'm in trouble now, big trouble. That's the first thing they tell you in angel training, never lose site of your sword. (Moans) My first job as Angel trainee and I lose my sword. I will be booted our for sure.

Angel Mike: (smiles) Reaches behind his back and brings out a sword, You mean this sword.

Beam: My sword! Wow thanks. How did you do that? I thought I was in big trouble for sure.

Angel Mike: That lesson will come later, right now we need to concentrate on the matter at hand.

Beam: What is the matter at hand sir. I see no demons attacking. I'm ready if there were though Sir. I placed well in spiritual warfare.

Angel Mike: (Sarcastic) Yes, I'm sure you are. But the battles are not always demons. The job at hand is this man Opah.

Beam: Are we going to work a miracle for him? Healing, money, maybe joy, because I am studied up if that's the case. No I bet we're going to rain fire on him, whoosh boom, just like that. (Beam acts like he's ready to go do it)

Angel Mike: (Extends his hand to stop Beam from going on) Wait. We must handle this matter carefully. It is nothing like that. He just needs a few good nudges in the right direction.

Beam: Nudges? Nudges? Oh fudge. I wanted to do something really big like part the Red Sea. I never get to do any of the really cool stuff.

Angel Mike: Oh this is really big. Sometimes things aren't what they appear to be. This is very important to... the Lord Himself.

Beam: The Lord! Wow!

Angel Mike: Yes the other night he sent me to show this man a vision while he slept. That is why he is carving an angel.

Beam: (Beam turns his head and squints his eyes.) You know what, that carving looks just like you Angel Mike.

Angel Mike: (Just smiles a knowing smile) Let's listen to them. That's how we can tell when they are ready for our encouragement to fulfill the Lord's plan for them.

Beam: But you didn't tell me what the plan is. How am I suppose to... mmmph

Angle Mike: (Puts his hand over Beams mouth) Quiet now and listen.

Both angels watch over the edge of the backdrop.

Opah: Melah, have you seen my whittling knife, the small one I use fordetails.

Melah: No, it's there. I am sure of it. Just keep looking. What are you making anyway? You've been working on it all day. You didn't even stop for lunch.

Opah: (Holds up the carving and shows Melah the angel) I am making a present for the Lord.

Melah: What do you mean a present for the Lord? (Looks at the angel) That's the most beautiful carving I've ever seen you make. Are you going to give it to the church? What gave you the notion to carve an angel?

Opah: No, it is a present for the Lord.

Melah: What does that mean a present for the Lord?

Opah: Well, last night as I slept I had a very special dream. It was a dream from the Lord. (He stops concentrating on some aspect of his carving.)

Melah: (getting impatient) Yes? Don't think you can stop there, what kind of dream.

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