A Grand Parent Thanksgiving

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Run-time:45 min.

Bible Reference: Psalm 100

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a school program is giving thanks for grandparents. Script is broken down into several grades or age groups with each having a special anogram, recitation or song. There is also a central drama that weaves through. As written, the cast could be 30 - 100 or more children, but since it is written in a segmented format individual segments could be deleted. Includes songs and a human video (mime to music written script). Excellent for schools, youth groups or Sunday School.

Sample of script:1 and 2 come on stage

1: Hey 2, whatcha doin’?

2: Hey 1! Last minute preparations for Thanksgiving.

1: Uhhhhhhh, hate to be the one to break this to you but Thanksgiving is like, well, not now, OK?

2: Not now?

1: Not now.

2: Whatever would make you say that?

1, counts on fingers: Let’s see, there’s the weather, my knowledge of when Thanksgiving is supposed to happen, the calendar, shall I continue?

2: So those things tell you that it’s not time for Thanksgiving?

1: I am amazed; you read me like a book don’t you 2?

2: It’s a gift.

1: Proves my main belief in life.

2: Which is?

1: Not all gifts are equal.

2: I guess.

1: Still I feel led to tell you that you are way out on Thanksgiving.

2: Depends which Thanksgiving you are talking about.

1: Am I to assume that in your corner of the world there is more than one Thanksgiving Day?

2: Of course.

1: Uhhhhhh, 2, have you fallen lately, bumped your head, bad fever maybe?

2: Been simply tip-top in health is the fact.

1: Uhhh yeh! Anyhow . . . maybe best run this Thanksgiving Day thingie by someone before you announce it to the world.

2: Someone? Who someone?

1: I would go for someone well established whose name begins with “doctor”.

2: I sense you are skeptical 1.

1: Is there no end to your sensitivity?

2: Well I do work out.

1: It shows. So care to share on just how many Thanksgiving Days there are in your mind.

2: Depends. Three hundred sixty five or three hundred sixty six.

1: The difference being?

2: Leap year.

1: Leap year?

2: You know, the old, “but leap year coming once in four gives February one day more” thingie.

1: So basically what you are saying is every day in the year is Thanksgiving?

2: How does he come up with these

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