A Leg To Stand On

Cast Number: 4

Run-time:3 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 7:24-27

Categories: Children, Comedy, Puppet, Sermon Starter
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Theme:       Parts of the body show how we are made up of different parts but are all one body. A comedy puppet script, could be regular drama.
Bible Reference:     Matthew 7:27


Cast:         4 (puppets or actors)


Set:          Blank


Lighting, Sound:     standard


Costumes:   Each character will be made up (to whatever degree) to indicate their role


Time:       3


Sample of script:


Head, Body, Leg and Arm come on stage

Leg bumps Head


Head:        Hey watch where you are going there Leg, you almost tripped me there.


Leg:         Sorry Head, guess I wasn’t watching real close.


Head:        Well watch more careful, OK?


Body:        Head, best take it easy on Leg, OK?


Arm:         Yeah Head, guys like me and Leg we are kinda stuck way out there, we kinda are at risk you might say.


Body:        Remember we all need each other.


Head:        Need each other? . . .  I am the head, I have the brain, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth. . .  Why would I need you guys?


Leg:         Well, come over here to my side and I will show you.


Head struggles to move


Head:        Come here, help me Leg, you know I can’t move on my own!


Arm:         But you said you didn’t need any of us guys.


Head:        Come on then Arm, you give me a hand!


Arm:         Well yes, I do have a hand . . . .  two hands actually.


Body:        Well, thing is, I’m not sure what hands can do for me.


Leg:         Now that you mention it, I guess hands and arms don’t do anything for me either.

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