A Look At Judas

Cast Number: 23

Run-time:45 min.

Bible Reference: John 12-14

Categories: Easter
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John, the last disciple tells his story. Judas was a person that was hard to understand. Why he did what he did. This drama has men discussing John and his passion for writing about this situation. Jesus meets with his disciples to explain the power they have been given and the duties they must perform.

*MALCHIEL a Jewish-born follower of Christ
*TIMON A Greek-born follower of Christ
ANDREW Peter’s brother
JAMES (Zebedee’s son)
*JOHN James’ brother
JAMES (son of Alphaeus)
SIMON the Zealot

The purpose of this was to take a look at the actions of Judas, without attempting to guess at motivation other than the greed shown specifically in the scriptures.

The time is approximately 67 AD. The last disciple, John, is still alive. The main action is centered around a well somewhere in the Middle East. The additional vignettes are explained further in the text. There is an open road, Lazarus’ home, the Temple, the upper room (Passover meal), the Garden of Gethsemane, etc.

Some props are mentioned. A bundle for MALCHIEL and TIMON. Staffs for the disciples while walking. The alabaster jar. Lanterns, swords, etc. for the guards. Things for the meal. The wash basin and towel, etc.

Costumes would still be what we would call Biblical times.


(At LIGHTS UP, MALCHIEL ENTERS STAGE RIGHT and comes to the well. He is carrying a bundle. MALCHIEL sets the bundle down, and then sits down to rest his feet. As MALCHIEL is resting TIMON ENTERS STAGE LEFT. Recognizing an old friend, TIMON speaks.)

TIMON: Malchiel, is that you?
MALCHIEL(Rises to greet TIMON)Timon! How are you, my friend!
(The two meet, and hug each other in greeting.)
TIMONI am good! How long has it been?
MALCHIELThree years, but who’s counting?(Gestures to TIMON)Come, sit down, and rest.
(Both men sit)
TIMONSo, three years…It’s hard to believe it has been that long, except that so much has happened.
MALCHIEL(Nodding his head in understanding)Yes, a lot has happened. First Peter was martyred and then Paul.
(Timon also nods in agreement.)
TIMONYes, but there is good news…


MALCHIELGood news? Tell me, I would love to hear some good news.
TIMONJohn wrote a Gospel!
MALCHIEL(A look of joy)The last living disciple who saw Jesus?
TIMONThe same. And my friend, he had some additional insight into our favorite discussion topic…
MALCHIEL(Shaking his head in disbelief)You’re still debating over Judas, the traitor?
TIMONI am not debating. There is no debate. But I do feel there are aspects to Judas we must understand. Things that can serve as reminders that we, too, can fail Jesus, and become essentially traitors.
MALCHIEL(A long sigh)Okay, Timon. We can do this one more time, especially so I can hear this new information.
TIMONGood, let’s start with what we know we agree on.
MALCHIELAgreed. Let’s see…First, Judas was chosen by Jesus as one of the original twelve…

(At this point FADE TO BLACK, the scene changes to JESUS and the disciples. LIGHTS UP, as JESUS is addressing the twelve Apostles.)

JESUSI have called you twelve especially…
(JESUS begins to walk from man to man)

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