A Moment Of Salt

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Genesis 19

Categories: 1-5 Minute Scripts, Bible Characters, Monologue, Sermon Starter, Women
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Theme:       Lot’s wife is known best for a brief second in her life when she experienced indecision, wavered in her attention to God’s commands and turned at an inopportune moment, and the rest, as they say, is history.
The reason for her moment of indecision, and any other details in her life, are unknown. But she is perhaps an indicator of what can happen when we let our guard down and consider unwise alternatives, the results can be terminal.
May be used alone or as a compilation with scripts: “Josiah Committed” and “Steadfast To The End” which is the story of Stephen.
Note each of these individual scripts are made up of 5 separate segments. If used as a compilation you could have the three actors on stage together and each performing Segment 1, then Segment 2, etc.
Theme words: steadfast  unwavering unswerving resolute committed dedicated unfaltering persistent firm

Bible Reference:     Genesis 19

Cast:         1 female

Set:          blank


Lighting:     a spot would be useful


Sound:       standard


Costumes:    traditional or contemporary


Time:       5


Sample of script:


actress come on stage


Wife1:        They came to our town just before nightfall.
My husband Lot was sitting at the town gates, talking to travellers.
The two explained to my husband that they had been talking with Abraham and that they were angels sent from God.
Although the angels desired to sleep in the town square, my outgoing husband convinced them to come to our home.
Imagine! . . . Angel messengers sent to our town, Sodom!
(pauses, frowns)
Well, actually, the reason they had been sent was somewhat troublesome . .
Seems Yahweh was displeased with the way of life in our town.
You won’t believe it!
The angels said Yahweh was going to destroy our town and everyone in it!
(pause as though to listen)
Do I believe that Yahweh would do such a thing?
Well . .  I mean . .  I know there are some . .  things . .  that happen here in Sodom . . but I mean . . really we are no worse than a thousand towns throughout the land.
My guess is . . .  Yahweh wanted to get our attention, I mean, most guys here are OK guys, but there are a few that are maybe a bit over the top, sometimes.


Wife2:  Imagine!
Angels of Yahweh!
In my home!
Just wait until that loud-mouth Rebecca hears this!
Rebecca is the one who is always going on about her high class visitors!
From what Rebecca says you would think she had a constant stream of dignitaries night and day!
Just all because her husband Joseph is the chief priest, all of a sudden Rebecca’s living room is like listed in the top 3 places to visit in all the land!
(comes a step downstage as though telling a secret)
I happen to know Rebecca uses both cilantro and bay leaves in her lentil soup! Everyone who knows anything knows either of those add flavor . . . but no thinking housewife would ever use both!
(pauses, smiles maliciously)
I am just thinking  . . .
Would be interesting if Rebecca knew there were angels staying at my house overnight!

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