A Puppet Christmas Carol

Cast Number: 10

Run-time:12 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

Categories: Christmas, Christmas Comedy, Puppet
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Puppets celebrate Christmas, Scrooge style, comedy with apologies to Charles Dickens. Off the wall humor, but with a good Christian message.
Useful for Christmas, or other time of year. Can be used as puppet or regular script
Puppet speaking cast:
Puppet non-speaking cast: (may be reduced or eliminated)
Oleander P. Q. R. Scrooge
Macob Jarley
Bob Scratchit
Mrs. Scratchit
Belinda Scratchit
Peter Scratchit
Martha Scratchit
Tony Tom Scratchit

Sample of script

Patti: Now, then, here we are, ready for our story time.

Chris: Don’t look now, but we are not alone!

Patti: We aren’t? Who’s here? I don’t see anyone.

Chris: Look, over there, over my shoulder. (others look around) Not now! Don’t make it look so obvious that you are staring at, at, at THEM!

Patti: THEM? Who is THEM?

Chris: The people right out there, . . ., and they are . . . . . watching us! Man! This is . . . scary!

Patti: You mean, those people out there in the congregation?

Chris: Ix-nay! I said, don’t make it obvious that you are looking at them! Sheeesh!

Patti: Obvious? What’s wrong with obvious? Obvious should be, well, . . . obvious, I suppose.

Chris: What should be obvious is, what if we have to talk to those people?

Patti: That would be nice! (waves to the congregation) Hi, guys! Good to see you!

Chris: Well I hope you are now happy! You just had to go and do it, didn’t you?

Patti: Do . . . . it? Do, . . . what? I guess I don’t quite, just, exactly, quite, understand.

Chris: Next thing you know, we’ll have to . . . . you know . . .

Patti: Have to . . .. . . ? Have to, what?

Chris: Tell them an s-t-o-r-y!

Patti: An s-t-o-r . . .. I don’t get it Chris, what’s an s-t-o- . . . . .

Chris: A story! A story, that’s what!

Patti: A story? Really? Hey, that’s great! Did you hear that people? Chris is going to tell us a story! Hey, Chris, now that is neat. Real neat! Don’t you agree, people? Chris wants to tell us a story! Wow, I can hardly . . .

Chris: Will you keep it down! No, Chris does not, may I repeat, does not wish to tell these people a story!

Patti: But, then, why did you tell these people that you were going to tell them a story, if you didn’t want to . . .

Chris: I did not, again, I did not, at any time, say anything about a story.

Patti: Look. Somebody’s got to tell them a story, I mean, after all . . . . . .

Chris: Fine then, you tell the story.

Patti: Me, me tell the story? But what do I know about telling stories?

Chris: Absolutely nothing, but that’s never stopped you before.

Patti: You know, maybe you’re right! I could tell a story, like I could tell the story about, about . . . . about . . . . about Thanksgiving. Yeh, that’s it, Thanksgiving, that will be great, so, people, ready for a story about Thanksgiving? Here goes then, . . . . .

Chris: Hello! What season is it?

Patti: Season? You mean, now, what season is it right now?

Chris: Right now! Is it Thanksgiving, by any chance?

Patti: Thanksgiving? No, no, actually Thanksgiving is over. It’s almost Christmas. You know, Chris, that was kind of a silly question!

Chris: Look, if it is Christmas, why not tell a Christmas story? Ever think of that, Patti?

Patti: A Christmas story? At Christmas? Like, now, you mean? You know, that just might work! Yup, real possibilities! I can see it right now! Ah, yes, a Christmas story, perhaps A Puppet Christmas Carol.

Chris: A Puppet Christmas Carol?

Patti: The old, old story, old, yet ever new, now once again retold, of Oleander P. Q. R. Scrooge,

Chris: Oleander Scrooge?

Patti: Oleander P. Q. R. Scrooge. Yes, and there was Macob Jarley,

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