A Relative Christmas

Cast Number: 7

Run-time:60 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

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The life & times of Christ from birth to 70 A.D, through the eyes of offspring of those who were there. The daughter of the shepherd, son of wise man, Nicodemus, the innkeeper, mother of Mary, daughter of Mary Magdalene, Paul all offer their interesting perspective on the birth and life of Jesus.

Setting: A simple bare stage or area serves as the setting. There should be, on either side of center, a divider of sorts, on which banners can be hung and tall enough that actors can walk behind without being seen.

Throughout the play, time changes from the birth of Christ to 50 years after His death, to modern day. Visually, the scenes should be placed beginning from stage left to right, so that by play's end the audience views a montage of banners/emblems.

Each character will display a symbol connected with their relative in the Christmas/Jesus story. In the original production, the symbols were made of felt, mounted on felt banners and hung to the wall behind the actors.

Several popular hymns and songs were used in the original production; they are listed here as suggestions which can be changed to suit your production.

Costumes should be simple, and something that suggests the character while allowing for street clothing underneath.

An important bit of information for every scene is the time when the scene takes place. This may be printed in the program.

As the audience members enter, each should receive a small unlit candle.

Scene 1: The birth of Christ


While the song is sung, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus are by a small manger filled with hay. A small child may play the part of the Little Drummer Boy and pantomime the actions in the song. If the people are not available to do this montage, the song stands well on its own. It is nice, however, to have the manger filled with straw and a doll for baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling cloths. At the end of the song, have Sarah take the baby and put it backstage.

Scene 2: Five years after the birth of Christ

Sarah enters. She hangs her symbol -- an angel.

SARAH: Every year on this day, Papa gathers us together -- my brothers and sister and I -- and tells us about a special night -- five years ago. He takes us to his field where he and his co-workers always watch over their sheep. We gaze in awe at the dark night sky as Papa describes how frightened they were that night.
You see, the sky lit up suddenly and was filled with bright, shining angels -- I've never seen one, and Papa says he hasn't since -- but he'll never forget. He says we shouldn't either. God sent us, that night, His most precious gift -- His only son. He didn't look like the Son of God. You see, He was just a ruddy baby. But Papa was sure -- would you ever doubt an angel?


Scene 3: Twelve years after the birth of Christ

Tamara enters. She hangs her symbol -- a star.

TAMARA: I was so excited today! My grandfather took me to the Temple in Jerusalem. When I turned 12, he promised me he would take me there. What a place! What a sight! But even more amazing was this boy -- he was my age but we saw him actually teaching the elders! He spoke with such understanding, my grandfather says he knew at once this boy was the child he'd seen years ago in Bethlehem. Grandpa has been looking for the child ever since. You see, he is supposed to be the Son of God! Seeing him and his wisdom today, Grandpa says he's sure.
How does Grandpa know he's the Son of God? When the boy was born, God set a special star in the sky to lead my grandpa right to the place of the birth. Even the great King Herod wanted to know about the birth, but God warned Grandpa not to let Herod know. Only such protection would follow God's only Son -- Messiah, Grandpa calls Him.
And today, I saw Him, too!

Cast and Audience sing: THE FIRST NOEL

Scene 4: 33 years after the birth

Hannah enters, sweeping the floor. She stops and hangs her symbol, a heart. An oil lamp sits on a small table, lit.

HANNAH: Good evening. I'm called Hannah. Many years ago, my Uncle Simeon witnessed the Christ Child. Uncle Simeon had been promised by God that he wouldn't die until he'd seen the child. And sure enough, one day a young couple came to the temple for the ritual dedication of their new son. Uncle Simeon blessed them and told his mother Mary that the child would bring about the fall and rising of many in Israel. It disturbed Uncle to say it, but he also told the mother that a sword would pierce her own soul, and that because of her son, the thoughts out of many hearts would be revealed.
I had heard that story so many years I decided I wanted to find out more about this child and about the scriptures written about him. The Lord led me to this position; I'm a housekeeper for the great teacher Nicodemus. He was captivated when I told him the story of my Uncle Simeon, and together Nicodemus and I talk for hours sometimes about the prophecies in scriptures and the stories we hear about a man from Nazareth called Jesus.
This morning I was surprised when I came to work to find the lamp already lit. Nicodemus looked tired, but something about him was glowing. He was incredibly excited. He told me he'd been waiting up all night for me to come. You see, he met with Jesus last night. He went under the cover of the night, so as not to raise anyone's suspicions. He says that Jesus told him we all must be born again into God's spirit in order to see the kingdom of God. And Nicodemus taught me what Jesus had told him. Jesus said, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life."
So this Jesus, the child my Uncle Simeon blessed, is truly God's only Son, sent as a gift of love from God Himself.

{Hannah pauses to think, sweeps a bit as she begins to hum, then sings: "God So Loved the World". The version we used is written by Jack Hayford.)

The complete script, plus all 1,600+ other DramaShare scripts, are available at no charge to DramaShare members, non-members may purchase the individual script.
The complete script, plus all 1,600+ other DramaShare scripts, are available at no charge to DramaShare members, non-members may purchase the individual script.