A Time For Newness

Cast Number: 4

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Ephesians 4:24

Categories: New Years, Sermon Starter
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Theme:       It’s a new year again. Will anything really change and create “newness”?
Changes begin with me, not with situations around the world.
New Years Day
Bible Reference:     Ephesians 4:/p>


Cast:         4 (male or female)
Jenna, 20’s or older
Sue, 20’s or older
Deanna, 20’s or older
Stacy, pre-teen


Set:         blank


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:  standard


Time:       5


Sample of script:


Sue and Jenna come on stage from opposite directions


Sue:         Happy New Year Jenna!


Jenna:        Is it a new year again Sue? . . . Seem like we just went through this, seems like a month ago.


Sue:         Nope, it’s a new year again.


Jenna:        New? . .  What’s new about it? . . . Same old, same old seems to me.


Deanna comes on stage, happy


Deanna:      Hey guys! . .  Happy New Year!


Deanna and Sue high 5


Jenna:        Is this a meeting of the “happy, happy, happy”?


Sue:         Why wouldn’t we be happy Jenna? It’s a brand new start.


Jenna:        It’s nothing more than another day. It happened 365 times last year, my guess is it’s gonna happen 365 times this year . . unless it’s leap year. . .  In which case , (does a little chant) . .  “Leap year coming once in four gives February one day more.”


Deanna:      Sounds like you aren’t a happy camper Jenna.


Jenna:        What’s to be happy about Deanna? . .  So it’s a new year. . . Big deal.


Sue:         It’s a chance to start over fresh and new, a clean slate.


Jenna:        Have you turned on the news? . . . More violence in the mid-East, and here at home murder in the street. . . . Like I said, same old, same old.


Deanna:      Sure but there’s a chance that maybe . . .


Jenna:        Yeh right! . .  So you have come up with a marvelous new plan that will get everybody, (overact), friendly and cooperating?


Deanna:      Well I guess but . . .


Sue:         Things could get better, maybe. . .


Jenna, angry:  Don’t tell me . . the lion will lay down by the lamb, right?


Stacy comes on stage


Stacy:        What are you guys arguing about; I could hear you clean across the street.

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